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Mental health and an abstract painting

 I found out this morning that because of insurance issues I can’t see my psychiatrist of 15 years anymore. The same is true for my therapist. They have covered these things for all this time. 

All of the mental health help I was considered out of network. They changed the the policy to be that out of network mental health coverage is no longer covered at all. Each of the various appointments are at least $400.

Obviously that’s not an option. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll ask my Dr and therapist for recommendations of Drs that are in network.

I can’t believe it. Anyone that who is treated for mental illness will understand why I am so upset.

I am overwhelmed. I say this as the caption of this painting because I was pretty happy when I was painting. It was art therapy . I get help for my bipolar and my fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis from that.

Now that’s all the therapy I have.

Acrylics on canvas. 16″x20″




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big enough to see!

i realized that all the little photo layouts that WordPress wants me to use when i’m putting pictures (of my art) into my post are making my art pretty useless because it’s so small, sometimes smaller than a thumbnail the last post i did, i made the layout so that  it shows each picture separately. i hope you don’t mind, but i’m going to post highlights of my work again but big enough for you to really appreciate them, being able to really see them. here’s a couple of examples from the the little layouts i used in several posts a couple of days ago.

do people mind if you write a zillion posts in one day?  now that i’m doing this i really want to just keep making them!

so, the  paintings….