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Holes in my Memory



mommy dearest, 2013

these paintings are emotions.  they represent my feelings towards my mother.

unrequited fury
unrequited fury
everything was wrong in her arms
everything was wrong in her arms

blank spaces

when i first started painting i thought everything, absolutely everything, i painted had to cover the entire canvas, i joined deviantArt and saw that a lot of artists whose work i like often left blank spaces in their paintings. i honestly thought it was very daring. i commented on it to someone who had a painting like that and i think he was chuckling at me when he replied, “i’m not the first person to do that, you know.” i felt kind of silly, but decided to try it. i was learning to do things differently, to break barriers that i thought were absolute. the first time i did it, i actually felt daring!

after that i started to do it a lot. i even moved on to painting minimalist works. that actually is kind of daring. this is one of my favorites….

Back Camera

i started thinking about it, and realized that i had a lot of blank spaces in me. there are huge spaces of time in my life that i remember nothing about. there are a lot of things that happened yesterday, or the day before, or last week or a month ago, that i can’t recall. it’s disturbing to think about.

when i was drinking heavily it happened on a regular basis. i’d wake up at home, in bed with my clothes on, not even remembering leaving the house to go out drinking. it was terrifying.

i’m sober, maybe not quite, but i only take the things that are prescribed for me. but there are still these big spaces. some might attribute it to my substance abuse damaging my mind and causing these losses of time. i wouldn’t rule it out, but i think i have a different explanation that feels more like the real culprit.

my mother was abusive. some of the biggest chunks i’ve lost are memories of my life, both as a child and as an adult, that relate to the amount of hell she was putting me through. there are other traumatic things that are hidden from my memory; but sometimes things break free and make me feel even more damaged. not surprisingly, i have PTSD.

i think embracing the idea that i have to step back and see ways to do things that i didn’t realize were possible let me start to let go of the weight of the blank spaces in my memory. i’ve been disassociating for almost my entire life. but now i need to move on, let go, break free from the past.

i think i’ve done enough digging through the past, during the 20 years of therapy, that it’s time to leave the wounds of the past in the past and continue making new memories. 🙂



losing time in kindergarten

one in a series of square 12″x12″ canvases. my artistic endeavor was not really my big bright idea, i saw the canvases for an excellent price and it went from there.

i had a difficult childhood…abusive mother, father working all over the world. i developed serious substance abuse problems.

i don’t have very many childhood memories, but i think i’d like to keep it that way. this series of paintings is about different events/stages/journeys/atmospheres…etc etc that happened during my life.

this particular one is about sitting in kindergarten, disassociating minute by minute. square life series 3, losing time in kindergarten


i want a cyborg body!!!

my head and heart and body feel empty. i just can’t get my eyes to focus. i’m listening to Arctic Monkeys. i’ve been obsessed with them for a long time, like six months. damn i love my repetition. repetition is like a brain massage.

i was desperate for diet coke, badly enough that i went out and bought some. that’s how desperate i was!. i don’t leave the house and don’t drive, but i needed some diet coke STAT!!so i did it! i managed to go to the store and get my carbonated thrill. 🙂 i think i’ve sucked down three already.

i feel like i might be getting better, if only a tiny bit.

i’m still feeling the pot cookie. everything seems so clear and sharp.

chronic pain sucks! getting out of bed hurts, i want a cyborg body. 😀


depression relapse

i have physical symptoms from stress/anxiety. right now it’s muscle cramps, incredibly painful. they show up mostly in my back, but lately it’s spread other body parts. i use flexeril (a muscle relaxant) for it now, have been for ages. but since the cramps keep coming back because i need something. i emailed my PCP and asked for her to talk about the problems, so we’ll see. right now i’m taking too much of the flexeril and will run out too soon. she’s usually super nice though, and responds to my mails very quickly.

i’m feeling sort of, stuck, i guess. i feel empty and have no motivation…

i guess i don’t need to wonder. the last 6 months were like climbing a mountain, i climbed a little more each day until

i reached the top and fell down the mountain, i think it’s a lot to do with the surgery. i feel so bad, so guilty, because peter is doing the laundry, cool, cook dinner and breakfast, does all the errands. i think he’s getting unhappy about it. thanks to mom for the guilt!

i’ve found myself starting at the wall for a long time. i don’t even remember what i was thinking or how long i was doing it. i have lots and lots of big empty spaces of time. bizarre.

i’m a medical marijuana patient and my dispensary delivers because lots of the patients are people like me who can’t drive.or can’t leave the house, because i have agoraphobia. i got a cookie and a brownie. and some buds. the edibles are great for pain or stress.

when i went to get the money out of the bank, i realized i had to go to 7-11 to break one of the $20s. i got up the counter and didn’t have the $20 bill anymore. i guess i dropped it. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


my daily schedule

i got through with only one panic attack.

i spent some time going through old memories that  i had. remembering all the times i was trying so hard not to see what was going on.

i spent a long time trying to decide if what he said was making fun of me, or mean, or disrespectful to me. i searched his face to see if he was lying. i constantly misunderstand my dad.

i watched an episode of parks and recreation.

it felt like i was getting weaker by the second. i remember what i used to think about when i saw old people; and being terrified of them because i knew i would be that way.

i’m 44, but i feel like i’m 84.  my health is appalling right now.

i don’t like to think about anything upsetting,like realizing that my arthritis would give me chronic pain in my knees. not to mention diabetes. it’s been out of control for a very long time. l’m so depressed and stressed. i’m seeing things out of the corners of  my eyes. i can’t seem to imagine looking in the mirror and see anything that would make me feel better.

i heard every bump and thump and engine noise or children laughing in some way that make me want to smash my head on the wall! scary noises and scary silence.

and i still couldn’t cry.