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“stripe and square”

this is a 16″x 20″ acrylic painting on canvas. the background was painted with brushes and the shapes were done with palette knives. this was the first acrylic painting i’ve done in quite awhile. painting with acrylics (i don’t use oils because of the well known drawbacks.) on canvas is always a treat. i’d always do it that way, but i don’t have anywhere near enough storage space for piles and piles of canvases.

my husband tells me that my paintings look like great backgrounds, so i have been trying to have distinct structures in my work. i dunno. i think maybe i prefer the great background kind of painting. it’s what comes naturally.

we’ll see how things go. 😀


stripe and square

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crazy acrylic painting, “splurt”

i love this painting but it almost went into the trash. actually it’s on canvas, so i probably would have painted over it. i painted on it more and started liking it better.

if you can tell, there’s sort of a purple flower on the middle left. i was focusing on that and there was more and more purple til i got really frustrated. i wasn’t sure what to do. . i lay on more and more paint on a area i want to accentuate. but like with the flower, i put on so much paint it turns out very dark and a bit bloby. in this case i tried to brighten up the areas around the purple “flower”. that was good, but not good enough.

i took an almost empty tube of pale pink and squeezed the tube over the flower. i didn’t know what i was going to do. other than mix some colors on the canvas. but the tube was emptier than i thought. it splurted all over, but in a very thin way. it looked cool. there was a little paint left, so i squeezed the tube above  the canvas and squirted it all over, being careful not to obscure the whole painting.  flower problem solved and i think the painting looks all crazy and wild and pretty cool!



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“are you lookin’ at me?”


hi again! WP told me that i haven’t posted anything in a month. eep! in an effort to make my entries more interesting and more substantive, i’m going to try write things about each (hopefully) painting. .

so! this painting is on a 24″x24″ gallery wrapped cotton canvas. for those of you who are not familiar with painting and the different kinds of canvases that are available.

canvas-gallery-wrap in this picture you can see the way the canvas wraps around the side to the back. they’re much more professional looking and more attractive. in general, people don’t frame canvases, although you can. the artist paints the sides, tops, and bottoms a color that fits in with the paintings so they can be hung without frames and still look great. the gallery wrapped canvases look better against the wall when you hang them. they’re a lot more expensive than most canvases.

there is a big difference between the sizes of canvases i work with and those of truly serious artists, or at least ones with a lot more room than i do. i have painted on large format canvases, but only a few times. the canvases are extremely expensive and they will just be getting in the way in the garage. i’d LOVE to have my own studio so i could paint that big (i have one that’s 6’x4′ and another similarly sized. i didn’t have so much trouble with mobility when i painted those, so i had to lay  them on the driveway. i did a lot of kneeling and bending and standing, sitting on the ground, all things i can’t do anymore. a really big easel would help, but again, no room to store it and no where to work on it more comfortably.

Image result for easeli use a much smaller table top easel like this…


Image result for easel

good paint brushes are important for clean lines and details and if you’re careful, you can paint with no brush strokes showing. they require careful cleaning with warm and soapy water. there are brush cleaning products that you can soak the brushes in, to deep clean them.

Image result for good quality paint brushes

i, on the other hand, treat my brushes like crap. so, i have a lot of really ravaged paint brushes with a couple that i’ve managed to keep nice. lol!

i hope you enjoyed this. these things are pretty basic. there will be more exciting explanations and illustrations.

have a delightful weekend!






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Some writing and a silly painting

I got stuck in a rut, so I decided to paint something silly. The painting is called “Birdie”

Does anyone know what it’s named or what sex it is? Any suggestions?

I spent the last 5 days in bed. I hurt too much to be anywhere else. Yesterday my right leg was numb. It was dead weight. It’s still sort of like that.

My husband went to find lunch a little while ago.

This is boring! I’m going to pretend that I got tagged and tell ten things about myself.

1. Love dogs and am a strong advocate of adopting rescue animals instead of getting them from breeders.

2.i love to eat! Carbs are my favorite. I like veggies and fruit a lot,too. Dairy is right out, except for ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream, or even better, gelato!

3.i am bipolar

4.i have been married for 22 years. Of course there are ups and downs, but husband is my soulmate; we’ll be together til death do us part.

5. I am chronically ill. That causes chronic pain.

6. I am an artist.

7.i love the internet.

8.i have a B.A. in history.

9. I live in the San Francisco. Bay Area

10. I keep a journal, in a Moleskine notebook, that I write and every day. I fill several notebooks a year.

……now for the silly painting……..