light, medium, dark

i’ve been wanting to write a post all week, but i couldn’t think of anything interesting to talk about and i just don’t have the energy to do an art discussion. the psychedelic drawing…sharpie infinitythat i posted this morning, is the first thing i’ve done in a few days. i was really getting antsy (does anyone else say that? my dad did). it took four partial drawings to get to this finished one.

i thought about the colors a lot. sharpies only have so many colors and a couple are too dark to use…navy and brown. purple is almost too dark and green is iffy. i’ve been thinking about colors as light colors, medium colors and dark colors. there are jazzy exciting colors, like that awesome magenta¬†¬†and the killer deep yellow fillings. does that makes sense?

i try to layer the colors and really try to highlight various colors, either light on dark or vice versa.

i started with those striped lines that look like dna. most reactions have been that it’s dna, i thought they were infinity symbols, but dna is even better!

i killed a hot pink (aka magenta) ultra fine marker. i went over everything 4x.

this is in my moleskeine notebook which is 8.5″x5.5″

oh, well there you go, i wrote about a piece of art. maybe i should do it like this all the time!