light, medium, dark

i’ve been wanting to write a post all week, but i couldn’t think of anything interesting to talk about and i just don’t have the energy to do an art discussion. the psychedelic drawing…sharpie infinitythat i posted this morning, is the first thing i’ve done in a few days. i was really getting antsy (does anyone else say that? my dad did). it took four partial drawings to get to this finished one.

i thought about the colors a lot. sharpies only have so many colors and a couple are too dark to use…navy and brown. purple is almost too dark and green is iffy. i’ve been thinking about colors as light colors, medium colors and dark colors. there are jazzy exciting colors, like that awesome magenta  and the killer deep yellow fillings. does that makes sense?

i try to layer the colors and really try to highlight various colors, either light on dark or vice versa.

i started with those striped lines that look like dna. most reactions have been that it’s dna, i thought they were infinity symbols, but dna is even better!

i killed a hot pink (aka magenta) ultra fine marker. i went over everything 4x.

this is in my moleskeine notebook which is 8.5″x5.5″

oh, well there you go, i wrote about a piece of art. maybe i should do it like this all the time!


checkered past, study for a larger drawing

here it is! (the medium sized one, anyway.) i’m going to the art store to buy some really big Bristol and start on the mega version!

checkered past, study for a larger drawing.

you can see the description of the project here…



big bigger biggest: a drawing project!

i’m starting a project! actually, i’m taking something i’ve already done and turning it into a project. as you may remember, i drew this

shutterwhich is 9″x12″  a couple of weeks ago.

i decided i liked the pattern and the general idea. i always meant to take something i like and make it bigger, and bigger, til it’s the size of a real piece of artwork. right now i’m in progress with an 11″x15″ version (on Bristol)….

11x15 checker board sharpie drawing WIP

there are eight sections. i used two colors of ultra fine sharpies, to make a checkerboard pattern in two sections out of the eight,  i timed how long it took me to do each section. it worked out to be about 2.5 hours (ish). that makes the total time i’ll spend on the drawing  around 20 hours. this picture shows pretty much where i am now.

i’m going to take an 18″x24″  piece of Bristol and do the same when this is finished. now that’s going to take a looooooong time!

i’m not 100% sure i’ll actually be able to finish that, but it will fun to have a challenge. i’m going to have to get a lot more sharpies! each of the matching sections (for the drawing in progress) uses up two brand new ultra fine sharpies. so with 8 sections of two colors per 2 matching sections requires 8  sharpies. the big big version will have more sections and will,   thus, need more sharpies.

the centerpiece is a diamond shaped eye sort of thingy (aren’t  i specific?? lol) is a combination of prismacolor fine liners and sharpies. i drew the line art with a black gelly roll gel pen. the whole drawing takes up one of those, maybe more.

my desk is way too small for the big version, so i’ll be doing it on my dining room table.

i feel a little apprehensive about putting so much time into something so fragile. paper can be bent or torn, things could spill on it, i could make a huge mistake…. the reason this is on my mind is that i read an artist’s blog that said he spent 300  hours (!) on a portrait and someone accidentally dumped a cup of coffee on it. it gives me the shivers! i feel for the artist more than words can say, but i also feel for the coffee person, can you imagine the guilt, horror, and sorrow they felt. that leads me to the question my husband brought up… why on earth would a precious painting like that be in a place where coffee could spill on it?  seems like an awful horrible terrible very bad experience for all involved.  i will have to keep all liquids out of a 10 ft area around my drawing, lol, when i actually get there. i already feel like that on the one i’m working on now. eep!

i hope i can do this!