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“Golden Flower”

Golden Flower

5 thoughts on ““Golden Flower””

      1. Good to hear!

        I’ve been very busy setting up my next move in life. In a month’s time I will be living in Blackpool. Looking most forward to it. Already been making inroads there, getting to meet some of the driving forces behind the creative scene there, so it’s all looking pretty good and am looking forward to getting the next chapter underway.

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      2. That’s awesome! I know you’ve really been wanting to move on for a while.

        A month isn’t too long! How exciting. Hope much work do you have left to do to get ready?

        Did you get all your recordings sorted out? That was a big project!


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      3. Yes, I finished all the archiving so that’s all safe, digitized and backed up several times over, so that leaves me free to pursue new projects and I’ll be able to get on with those in Blackpool.

        A lot of stuff to be clearing out and selling so it’s gonna be a bit of a chaotic February. In Blackpool at the moment so head back to the place I’m gonna be leaving tomorrow to get all that dealt with. I’m quite pleased as March was my target for the move so managed to get there just a touch earlier. It’s all been interesting on a personal level and shows how far I’ve come since my therapy because 2 or 3 years ago, none of this would had been happening, so gonna be an interesting fresh start.


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