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today is the next day of my dental journey. for many years i didn’t take care of my teeth, i mean really didn’t take care of them. a lot of the time i didn’t even brush them, flossing was out of the question. i had a dentist i really didn’t like so i rarely went.

the last time i went to that dentist that they left me sitting in the chair for half an hour. my fibro and spine were super painful and all i could see ahead of me was more laying on my back with more waiting. i tried to ex plain but they totally didn’t get it, or maybe they didn’t care? i walked out and they made a huge fuss, followed me out the door and tried to talk to me asking what was wrong. i told them what was wrong was what i told 4 people already with no response. obviously they weren’t trying. the manager kept asking questions and i just said, and i really did say this, go away and leave me alone. that did the trick.

i knew i needed a lot of work done, but i didn’t want it at that office.  i found a dentist that i like much much better. i’m already getting to know my dentist. he’s done work on me         5x already. i’m having a crown today and i’m hoping he will put on some permanent crowns now, i need 3. i have so much work to do. 5 cavities. and that’s easy part! i guess this is my punishment for all those years of slacking. i’m brushing now, but i am quite sure i’m not ever going to be flossing. also i have a prescription mouthwash to use to heal the gums. it stings in my mouths when i swish it around.  i can’t eat or drink for half an hour after i take it.

i’m enthusiastic about getting all this done. it’s just when it’s an hours before the appointment, i get nervous and tend to have a panic attack. i have had twice  this morning. my appointment is at noon, just two hours. i wish these appointments were earlier, so i wouldn’t have to wait  so long. i got up at4 am because it was on my mind. i figured, fuck it, and got up.

i finished up a comic i was reading  called Monstress.  it was a good plot, leaving you wishing for lots more and the art was divine. i’m sure i’ll be reading it again.

i’ll give you a piece of art to reward you for reading this!  lol

i hope you are having a good day! tell me about your day!


(this is oil pastels on textured paper)