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“Blanket Over the Sky”

I want to remind everyone that I’m selling my art now. I’m offering small paintings, on paper for $15-$20 ish. Shipping for the USA *and* international is free.

This painting is $20. It’s 8.5×11″ it’s alcohol ink on transparent yupo. (basically it’s ink on shiny paper). The colors are much brighter in person. Let me know if you’re interested in the comments or at

very.crazy.ruthie @ gmail.com


blanket over the sky



abstract, abstractexpressiomism, art, Art for sale, artist, fine art, inks, modern art, painting, watercolors

details on the sale of my paintings

i’d like to remind folks that i am selling my art, some is available and a bit of it had been sold or i can’t bring myself to let go of it. 🙂 ask me in the comments if you have a question or if you want to buy something. you can also contact me at:

very.crazy.ruthie @ gmail.com

i’m selling this stuff really cheaply.  i’m not going to ask gallery style prices. most things on paper will be $15 shipping for those is free. yup, even international!

acrylics are on canvas most of the time. those will be a lot more expensive and will be expensive to ship. i’d be happy to discuss it with someone, but most of the work like watercolors and inks are all on paper. most of my work is small. for example,

5″x 7″ aka 18cm x 12.5cm or

8″x 10″ 20.32cm x 25.4cm

those are sizes that fit standard american frames. i’m sorry, i don’t know the standard sizes for everywhere else and i’m too lazy to look up a bizillion sizes.

i have sooooo many alcohol ink painting, for instance the first painting in the grid below is an alcohol ink painting. i think i have that one. haha. if i don’t have the alcohol ink painting you want (any of them in my gallery) i can probably find a similar one.


paintings like this will be $15


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i wore gloves when i made this, now that i’m getting manicures and am generally trying to do things to make myself look more like an attractive member of society instead of a greasy haired, paint covered, miscreant. lol i did this with alcohol ink which stains the fingers and nails terribly and even the manicurist can’t get it off.

i’m finding that a better way to make alcohol ink paintings is to select a variety of colors i want to use, making sure to choose contrasting cools and some complimentary colors.previously i got out all the colors and pull out what might look good. i make bad decisions and end up putting on way too much ink that way. i get carried away.

i decided i love yellow! it’s so dramatic. it goes with more things than you might expect. you have to be careful not to drown it because a nice clear yellow can make a dull painting fantastic. the only problem is that yellow is so light and it needs a white space for a lot of it to be in so the color shows though on the white paper not blending too much with the other colors. you have to choose yellow to go on the bottom layer of ink so that the white yupo (synthetic paper) underneath shows the yellow bright and clear.

contrast is everything with  alcohol ink, or at least for the way i do it. it’s always moving and blending because i put alcohol blending solution on the paper before i put any ink down. the colors don’t mix as well, and i want them mixing more, a lot more, than they do without using the solution. it’s mainly made for cleaning up messes, like the ones on my fingers (sorta helps), thin the ink to make it flow more or act in even other ways, it helps make the white and metallic colors mix up so they’re not thick and don’t just get grainy or sit in lumps.

i’m quite pleased with this one!


abstract, abstractexpressiomism, art, artist, fine art, painting

“electrical storm” gets caught

i used the title of a U2 song as the title of this painting. i love the song, but that’s not why i named it that. this alcohol ink painting really does look like an electrical storm, at least to me.

i imagine it being above most of the clouds, going on in a huge thunder cloud full of lightening. the electricity just flies around at great speed.huge thunder claps boom, but no one hears them. the lightening crackles; the clouds are lit up like the painting, full of light and dark, full of strange colors and shapes. it’s moving quickly but gets caught in a painting!

electrical storm