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damn that app!

there are so many posts i would have written if i’d been using my computer (like i am now) rather than the app on my phone or tablet. obviously there’s the typing issue. i can type pretty quickly on a real keyboard, but on a touch pad… it’s the same for everyone. more than that though, there are so many things that are broken or simply never worked in the first place, it’s extremely difficult to navigate and about as opaque as can be.

i usually am in bed or on the couch because of my fibromyalgia and spine problems. i’ve written some about some of that, but nothing about the fibro and nothing about the illnesses at all in months. a lot of things happened and i learned things, am still learning things, and finding way to deal with my new-ish (it’s been leading up to here for about 2 years)issues. that’s mainly what i wanted to talk about over these months, but i couldn’t face typing all that out on a touch keyboard. being in places like bed that are so unstructured, even with a lap desk, and a bluetooth keyboard, really doesn’t work for me. i’ve tried just about everything.  nothing compares to a PC at a big desk and a good desk chair. i’ve got that, and i’m lucky, i know.

i haven’t used this desk first because my pain was such that being on the couch was the most comfortable place to be for a very long time. the main things i do are internet, art, and sleep (and complain). i moved all my art stuff and general desk stuff downstairs (and there is a LOT of it) downstairs. i was living down there almost entirely.

i came upstairs, these last few weeks, but i have to be in bed most of the time, the pain is bad enough that even the couch is too painful to be on for long. the bed and this desk are upstairs. so i spend most of my time in bed, during bad spots, like what most of the days have been like, lately. since the computer room, where i am now (aka the red room…yes, the walls are painted dark red….)


{as i was writing i remembered this photo. that’s what it was like in 2013 before all this pain started.}

…..is on the same floor as the bedroom i come in here to do computer things or draw or just sit in the desk chair which, i forgot, has a special lumbar support feature, so it makes my back quite happy.

i’m veering off topic, not that i was on topic before, cause the only topic was supposed to be about why i hated the app and i finished that up in the first paragraph. i just kept going! and so i guess i can say anything! i’m not very good at doing things in order.

so back to where i work, spend my time, get whatever or nothing done, etc.

this is where i work now looks like..


{aren’t those circles hilarious?}

basically i’m using half the dining room table. i clear it all off sometimes, like the top pic or stick everything in one corner and try to take up as little room as possible, like the bottom pic. (those are my japanese watercolors, i wrote most of a post about them a couple months ago. if you want to read about them i’ll  show you.)

you want to see more workspace photos, you say? no problem, i answer!


i have an appointment with my new dentist today. i wasn’t going to see him until 2017 because i used up all our dental insurance for the year with 2 root canals at $1500 a pop. one of the temporary crowns got damaged and it didn’t hurt, so i was going to wait to get  it fixed. well, now it hurts and i’m not doing thanksgiving without being able to chew properly! i had a big disaster at my last dentist, they couldn’t understand my new, disabled person, needs and so i got mad and found a new dentist! so, i’ll be meeting him in 2.5 hours. i’m scared to death cause i have no idea what it will be like there, but it’s a big practice and i have a feeling they’ll be a lot more professional and they’ll have a much more modern office. still…  i’m also really worried about how much i’m hurting now, because it’s very hard just to get around the house. boy oh boy i better not get lost!!!!!!!

bye for now!


i’m on my own now….

i went to see my doctor, Dr Lu, a specialist in physical medicine, who has been treating my spinal stenosis. i was afraid that this would be the end of the help he could give me, but i was hoping against hope that it wasn’t true. wrong!

he referred me to a spine surgeon, which i am going to skip because there is no way i am having surgery on this until it lasts a lot longer and gets a lot worse. i think he was grasping at straws. he ordered knee xrays! i kept trying to tell him that i’ve had arthritis in my knees for many years and my orthopedic surgeon treats them with injections. so, another xray is really NOT useful.

the only good thing he did is order a TENS unit for me, that my insurance will pay for.

it seems i am left with taking my meds, resting, and using things at home that treat symptoms. things like, ice, heat, compression, diet, and patience.

he didn’t even thing it was necessary to make another appointment. as my husband said the doctor meant, you’re on your own now. i think he knew that this would be the case, but didn’t want to keep me from being hopeful.

i was incredibly anxious about this appointment, this morning was awful. this is the outcome i didn’t want. i want to scream, somebody help me! but what’s the point.

hopefully i’ll be able to get used to this idea, and just move on, doing my best. maybe it will go into remissions sometimes? i know there are good days and bad days.  live in the moment, in the moment, in the moment!

but if you do that, where does your time go? it just floats away. this makes me want to ask myself big giant questions like, who does this make me since i’m so different from i was before spinal stenosis? the ever popular  question, why me? the thing in the forefront of my mind when will it end? will it ever end? is there anything else i should be doing? is there anyone who can help me? where do i stand? is my life ruined? was my life much better than i thought before this? is there anything i could have done to prevent this? should i get a second opinion? on and on…

i don’t know anything and i feel a lot. where to go from here?


backs and books

i’ve been away a bit, partly taking a little time off because of my health and partly having fun on twitter with other chronic pain  survivors.

i have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to discuss the results of the MRI and x-rays.  all he’s said so far is that i have spinal stenosis (http://www.spine-health.com/conditions/spinal-stenosis/what-spinal-stenosis) and it’s causing sciatica. his nurse called on friday saying i will being scheduling and epidural for an injection of steroids in my spine. fun fun fun.

the pain is really bad and very restrictive to what i’m able to do. i’ve been spending most of my time either in bed or laying on the couch. i’m trying to take only one or two norco, but it seems like a lot of the time i take 3 or 4 a day. the doc had me up the gabbepentin dose a lot more. i think that might be helping. it surprises me; there are so many different ways pain can feel. it changes a lot from time to time. it changes in severity a lot, too.

yesterday i went to buy a new batman comic book but it was free comic book day (i think it was a nationwide thing) so the shop i got to, which is ALWAYS empty, had a line out the door! i couldn’t believe it! i didn’t even want a free comic book, i mean, it would be nice, but with this pain, standing in line is out of the question. i managed to squeeze inside just to check it out and the line to buy regular comic books, snaked around and around inside (very small store) because all comics were 25% off. i just needed my batman fix, i read volume one and two of the series i’m into and was  desperate for the next one! i left empty handed. meh! bright side…i went back today, no line, no free comics, ahhhh just the usual empty store! i bought the comic i wanted and went home a happy woman.

that was this morning and i’ve been napping ever since (well, after i read a little of the book, gotta stretch it out, they’re expensive!).  i’m feeling better and am even *hoping* to paint.

check back tomorrow for details of the effing squashed disc in my back.



bursitis or worse?

today is not going to be a good day. that’s a terrible way to start off the day, it’s a terrible way to approach anything. i’m feeling depressed and scared, though, so it seems like i’m beaten before i even wake up. getting out of bed is awful. when i put my feet touch the floor the pain starts. when i put my weight on them my caves hurt so bad that i have to grab the wall not to fall down. when i take a step my hip hurts so much i can hardly start walking. bending while getting dress is horrible. reaching down to tie my shoes hurts. sitting in a chair hurts.

you get the point. i made another doctor’s appointment for today. it doesn’t seem like bursitis could cause this kind of pain. the painkillers help, but they don’t make me feel like i can stand the pain. i’m scared. i have to hear what a doctor has to say. i don’t know if this has any basis in reality, but my first thought is rheumatoid arthritis. i had a good friend who had it and her pain was at this level all the damn time!

i painted something decent today, i think. it will be dry pretty soon and you can all see for yourselves. 🙂

if time permits, i’m going to make a card for my sister in law. her birthday is this weekend. she has aspergers and is very low functioning. she’s also a paranoid schizophrenic. i don’t have much contact with my inlaws and my husband really doesn’t like being around his dad.  she’s  sweet, but is the kind of person that makes others feel nervous around; she acts very differently from the social norm. she always sends birthday cards and tiny christmas gifts. we usually forget her until after her birthday. sometimes we send her amazon gift cards.

this year i decided she deserves more, more effort and more love. i’m painting some watercolor backgrounds to draw on for her. i did a few , so we’ll see.  i have a lot of gel pens, metallics and iridescent, wild colors, etc.  i think she’d really appreciate something drawn with those. i also bought some neon envelopes and i’ve got some rubber stamps. i’m going to make her something she’ll really like, and see that i put time in on it. yay!

i have to see my psychiatrist today, too. that’s not such a big deal, i guess. i don’t want to go, but who does? that’s at 11:30 and the appointment with the other doctor is 1pm. fun fun. luckily they’re in the same clinic.  wish me luck!