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“rain of paint”

i realized these posts are kind of dull, or at least duller than they could be, with just the image of the art and no writing talking about what it meant or how it was meant or my  thoughts about it, etc. i hope people are interested in this!

this painting is on a  16″x 20″ canvas. that’s one of my favorite size canvases. right now i’m mainly working on that size and 12″x 12″ canvases. i prefer square canvases to rectangle ones..

i spent a long time making the “background” which was really supposed  to the finished painting. there were so many layers and colors and different kinds of brush strokes. i liked it a lot. i don’t know wtf got into me, but i sort of feel like i ruined a good painting that i spent ages on by putting white runny paint on it. i am considering starting over and doing a similar one in a similar way  and not dump a “rain of paint” all over it. oh well, it’s possible it enhances the painting. what do you think?

the intended atmosphere and explanation will apply to the painting without the white paint. i’m really sorry i didn’t take a picture before t his. anyway! the painting has a zillion colors in it. there are lots of colors and lots of colors i mixed, either on the canvas  or on a palette. i used palette knives and brushes.

the atmosphere was supposed to be fairly complex. it’s a bit chaotic and many colored. i felt very intense when i was painting this and i wanted viewers feel that way, too. i have so much going on in my life i feel like there is the sort of mixed up, like the colors are here. that’s part of what i feel.

i guess the white paint rain on the painting  was an act of rebellion against the time i spent trying to make something other people would find attractive and approve i. i don’t have much confidence in what i create. i think i’m scared of showing that.i don’t think the paintings i worry about are bad paintings, most of the worry comes from how the work will be received. i hate that i feel that way, but what creator doesn’t worry about what other people think about what they do. i suppose a “real” artist might not, someone like Picasso or Monet or Dali. (i probably don’t know how they felt, but that’s the way i imagine it).

what do you think about the addition of the drippy what paint? what feelings or atmospheres are you getting from the work?

…..i just fell asleep while writing this! thanks drugs! almost all the 20 something pills i take a day have the side effect of making you drowsy. ironically i get up at 5am because i can’t sleep any later. my body is plotting against me!

does anyone else watch “Arrow?” it’s another superhero show on Netflix. it’s a bit slow to get into it, but i’m on season 1 episode 15 and i watch at least one episode a day. now it’s got lots of interesting mysteries, the characters are getting fleshed out and the plot is moving more quickly.

i’d love to hear your thoughts! (about any of this!)

a rain of paint