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no more white walls!

recently i had some rooms painted in cool colors. that’s one of the best things about  owning your home is you can paint the walls be any color you want! so i  have  a bathroom that is grey, a purple bedroom, and a red  office.downstairs is all sage green. one bathroom is still white ack!  the master bathroom is a weird pinkish sandy color.

i’ve lived in this same house for 20 years! it was the first house we bought and we’re still here. i love my house! i can’t imagine wanting to leave!

i’m lucky to have a refuge like this! i’m grateful.     🙂




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“once in a turquoise moon”

i used alcohol ink to create this little painting. it’s my favorite color scheme. glossy paper, or some sort of non absorbent material,  can be decorated, or used for fine art, like here, using alcohol ink. i painted my glass bong and decorated various plastic boxes, all sort of things.

my favorite way to use it is for fine art. the technique i made up consists of getting out the inks i think i want to use and unscrew the caps. i need to use them quickly so i take them off…not for long so things don’t evaporate. i keep all the rest of my alcohol inks nearby, you never know when you need some terra cotta or wild plum!

you can get cards in this size, something slightly under 4″x6″  that is labeled as  “glossy card stock” it’s all neat and tidy, lovely and pre-made, ie. stupid expensive. but because of the things that make it expensive do for a good reason, so i tend to buy the pre-cut cards. if i was being less wasteful, i would cut sheets to yupo down to about the same size. the yupo isn’t as thick or glossy. photo paper would work, but i think it would be more expensive, or maybe not, if you cut it carefully and didn’t lose much when you cut it.

you can put the ink on the paper and work with it that way, just letting it stain the paper, or you can do what i do! part of what you need when you’re working with alcohol ink, is the alcohol blending solution which can be used to clean your hands or tools, reactivate the ink if you want to work on a piece more. i squirt the blending solution all over the paper and start adding  inks quickly. i tilt it around sometimes, or moving the wet ink around by blowing on it on with a small straw. i can make layers, i make colors that blend on the paper, lots of doing that! every time i add more ink the whole thing starts moving and changing. you can always reactivate it and you can always add more, but the taking away issue is still a big problem. lol so big that most of the time you can’t do  it, but you can think with the solvent and make things lighter.

i really like the way the colors turned out here. lots of layering with other purples, blues, and pinks.


once in a turquoise moon

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crazy acrylic painting, “splurt”

i love this painting but it almost went into the trash. actually it’s on canvas, so i probably would have painted over it. i painted on it more and started liking it better.

if you can tell, there’s sort of a purple flower on the middle left. i was focusing on that and there was more and more purple til i got really frustrated. i wasn’t sure what to do. . i lay on more and more paint on a area i want to accentuate. but like with the flower, i put on so much paint it turns out very dark and a bit bloby. in this case i tried to brighten up the areas around the purple “flower”. that was good, but not good enough.

i took an almost empty tube of pale pink and squeezed the tube over the flower. i didn’t know what i was going to do. other than mix some colors on the canvas. but the tube was emptier than i thought. it splurted all over, but in a very thin way. it looked cool. there was a little paint left, so i squeezed the tube above  the canvas and squirted it all over, being careful not to obscure the whole painting.  flower problem solved and i think the painting looks all crazy and wild and pretty cool!



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“curly” a painting and a discussion about it

the title to this painting is pretty obvious. all the swirls and twirls and…curls , made by the shapes in the painting, many of which i mentioned before.

i used japenese watercolors which i love! they are very different from the watercolors i’m used to. they come in little flat plastic pans filled with concentrated colors of paint in the pan. the ones i’ve used had rectangle  pans which come in a box that holds them neatly.i have one that is 36 colors and the other with 48 . i think the colors are real, watercolor pigmented paints. with the traditional colors. not all of them, but most. i can tell what a lot of them are just by  looking at them, but that was when they were mixed with water. you can’t tell in the pans. they  come with a guide to which pan has which color in them. that would be great…if i read japanese!

so until i started painting with these, i used some nice tube water colors. which were the only kind i was aware of. when i started meeting artists from around the world i found that  a lot of people use pan watercolors more than tube watercolors.  i had a friend from finland who told me about them first, showed me pictures. they looked neat! she bought them pan by pan as we would tube by tube, you didn’t have to buy a set. they’re very different, they feel different (on the brush), tubes  are messier and take a longer time set up and clean up.

here are the tube watercolors that i use:

the paper i painted this on is Yupo.


i have used it with watercolors, of course, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, graphite, sharpie,some inks, and gouache.

since the paper doesn’t absorb anything, you have to treat it carefully try not to touch it because if you touch it, the oil on your fingers sticks to it. so, paint or whatever you’re using, won’t stick to the paper. you can wash finger prints off (i don’t actually treat it all that carefully). however, when you want to move the finished painting, be sure there is no moisture on your fingers because it will smudge  the paint. the solution is to use with a sealing spray. mine is from windsor and newton. i spray my paintings twice, 15 minutes apart. the spray comes in glossy or matte. i use the latter.

this is my result…my painting with japanese watercolors on, called “curly”