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my latest commission

This is a “commission” from my husband. lol

My payment is getting another piece of my art on a wall in my house and a fuzzy feeling.

He gets a piece of original at to put on his wall and gets a fuzzy feeling because I spent a long time on it and was really excited about it.

When he asked for the painting I asked for his requirements. He said he wanted something: in acrylics, bright, in blue and yellow and he picked a 16″x20″ canvas.

I like working within restraints because it makes me do things that wouldn’t have otherwise. In this case, it’s the color scheme. I like both blue and yellow but  I wouldn’t have thought of using them together for a combination.

It will hang in a hallway upstairs. There’s a sky light almost directly above it!

Count On It






Count On It


abstract, abstractexpressiomism, acrylic ink, art, artist, contemporary art, fine art, modern art, painting, traditional art, watercolors

“delft spirits”

This painting is watercolors and acrylic ink on watercolor paper.

It’s for sale for $35. Let me know if you’re interested.











abstract, abstractexpressiomism, art, Art for sale, fine art, modern art, painting, watercolors

“wrought iron drowning”

this painting and most of my other paintings and drawings are for sale. my prices will be very reasonable. if you find anything you are interested in, let me know in the comments. thanks!


wrought iron drowning

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“once in a turquoise moon”

i used alcohol ink to create this little painting. it’s my favorite color scheme. glossy paper, or some sort of non absorbent material,  can be decorated, or used for fine art, like here, using alcohol ink. i painted my glass bong and decorated various plastic boxes, all sort of things.

my favorite way to use it is for fine art. the technique i made up consists of getting out the inks i think i want to use and unscrew the caps. i need to use them quickly so i take them off…not for long so things don’t evaporate. i keep all the rest of my alcohol inks nearby, you never know when you need some terra cotta or wild plum!

you can get cards in this size, something slightly under 4″x6″  that is labeled as  “glossy card stock” it’s all neat and tidy, lovely and pre-made, ie. stupid expensive. but because of the things that make it expensive do for a good reason, so i tend to buy the pre-cut cards. if i was being less wasteful, i would cut sheets to yupo down to about the same size. the yupo isn’t as thick or glossy. photo paper would work, but i think it would be more expensive, or maybe not, if you cut it carefully and didn’t lose much when you cut it.

you can put the ink on the paper and work with it that way, just letting it stain the paper, or you can do what i do! part of what you need when you’re working with alcohol ink, is the alcohol blending solution which can be used to clean your hands or tools, reactivate the ink if you want to work on a piece more. i squirt the blending solution all over the paper and start adding  inks quickly. i tilt it around sometimes, or moving the wet ink around by blowing on it on with a small straw. i can make layers, i make colors that blend on the paper, lots of doing that! every time i add more ink the whole thing starts moving and changing. you can always reactivate it and you can always add more, but the taking away issue is still a big problem. lol so big that most of the time you can’t do  it, but you can think with the solvent and make things lighter.

i really like the way the colors turned out here. lots of layering with other purples, blues, and pinks.


once in a turquoise moon