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Four affordable small abstract paintings for sale

These four paintings are for sale for $15, free shipping anywhere. They are 5″x7″. Let me know if you are interested in the comments, or write me at:

very.crazy.ruthie @ gmail.com


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abstract, abstractexpressiomism, acrylics, art, Art for sale, colorful, fine art, modern art, painting

“confetti” abstract painting for sale

“confetti” is an acrylic painting on watercolor paper. It is 8.5″x11″. It sells for $25, free shipping anywhere. Let me know if you’re interested in the comments or write me at:

very.crazy.ruthie @ gmail.com


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“My outsider art, my therapy”

I’m kind of excited about this drawing. I always want to make outsider art and most of the time it doesn’t feel right. I think I got what what I was looking for.

When I saw my therapist last week and she told me to get the bad feelings out. She told me yell! So I did and what i ended up shouting almost involuntarily, fuck you fuck you fuck you etc.

Recently I wrote about art therapy. This is a great example of that. This drawing is how I felt when I was yelling in my therapist’s office. Drawing this was another way of getting negative feelings out.

I drew it all in one sitting. I really didn’t want to stop the process, so I kept working on it.once I got going it was easy.

I did it with prismacolor markers. I wanted to express the insanity I felt so I didn’t use any pencil or ink outlines, just straight up color and shapes.

This sort of  artwork makes me so nervous. It’s way outside my comfort zone. but that’s a good thing for an artist.

 Since I’m not skilled at drawing and I rarely post pieces that are raw and negative I feel vulnerable. It’s totally uncensored and totally unpolished.

So, here you go!


abstract, abstractexpressiomism, art, Art for sale, artist, fine art, inks, modern art, painting, watercolors

details on the sale of my paintings

i’d like to remind folks that i am selling my art, some is available and a bit of it had been sold or i can’t bring myself to let go of it. 🙂 ask me in the comments if you have a question or if you want to buy something. you can also contact me at:

very.crazy.ruthie @ gmail.com

i’m selling this stuff really cheaply.  i’m not going to ask gallery style prices. most things on paper will be $15 shipping for those is free. yup, even international!

acrylics are on canvas most of the time. those will be a lot more expensive and will be expensive to ship. i’d be happy to discuss it with someone, but most of the work like watercolors and inks are all on paper. most of my work is small. for example,

5″x 7″ aka 18cm x 12.5cm or

8″x 10″ 20.32cm x 25.4cm

those are sizes that fit standard american frames. i’m sorry, i don’t know the standard sizes for everywhere else and i’m too lazy to look up a bizillion sizes.

i have sooooo many alcohol ink painting, for instance the first painting in the grid below is an alcohol ink painting. i think i have that one. haha. if i don’t have the alcohol ink painting you want (any of them in my gallery) i can probably find a similar one.


paintings like this will be $15


abstract, abstractexpressiomism, art, Art for sale, fine art

I’m selling my art!

In the past I  didn’t want to sell my art work, but I changed my mind. So a lot of what is on here is is available.
There are some that have new homes already. Some of them are M.I.A
Most of it is small and on heavy, archival paper or on Yupo.
I have a lot still have a lot of it.
If I don’t have something you want, I can probably reproduce it or I else I might have something similar.
So you can see what prices are like, this 5″x7 watercolor painting is $15.