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Rock’n’Roll t-shirts

As I”ve mentioned before, I lost more than 50 pounds (23kg) over the past year and I’m still going!

This feels like daja vu because I did the same thing a few years ago. I lost more than I have now, but on the way down I got to the size I am at the moment. It was very exciting! It is again.

The first time  I lost a lot of weight, (I gained it all back; I thought my heart was going to break.) I really needed some shirts that didn’t fit me like a tent. Plus, I wanted to show off my achievement in clothes that fit.

My dear ol’ dad was so proud of me, he gave me money to buy some new clothes. I needed shirts, mostly. I had jeans that I bought previously that pretty much fit me.

I love Rock’n’Roll and I always wanted RnR t-shirts but until I started shopping on eBay where you can get just about any size, I was out of luck. My big self wouldn’t fit into any of those kind of shirts I could find.

Then I got to this size and suddenly the world of rock shirts was open to me! When I’d spent all the money I had more than 15 new shirts. Some we’re vintage but most were new.

Some examples: a couple of U2 shirts, Jim Morrison, the Velvet Under Ground, a couple Bowie shirts, the Police, Dead Can Dance, Garbage, Pink Floyd, the Clash, the Pogues, etc!

Now, instead of having to buy new shirts, I can fit into (most) of these shirts!

Thanks Dad and thanks me

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spontaneous blog post

I’m laying on the couch all propped up with pillows with a heating pad behind me. I took an mmj edible and a prescription NSAID.

My back is a bitch. My spine problems are acting up. I can just hear L4 and L5 screaming. Sometimes it’s like needles poking inside or sometimes an intense ache or a feeling of extreme tightness or it can be something that feels like a great deal of pressure.  It occurs to me that I should check out things specifically for lumbar support.

Low back pain is the most common medical ailment. That’s what a doctor told me when I saw him a few years ago, for….low back pain. He told me to take Ibuprofen. If he had paid a little more attention, maybe he would have been able to see that I needed more than to just take Ibuprofen. I’m sure he was right about his statistic, but he never even asked questions about my pain or any specifics. Doctors probably see a few people a day who say they have low back pain. I can see how they have an automatic answer for the problem, but that doesn’t keep me from feeling some measure of bitterness

I got the feeling that he thought all the low back potential patients were drug seekers. I have to admit that I would have been glad if he had given me painkillers but that’s not why I went to see him and I didn’t ask for them.

ANYWAY, lol, I didn’t go to the movies this week because there was nothing to see. I was very disappointed; I love going to the movies, it’s such a treat! Maybe if I have a couple of weeks (there’s nothing good showing this week either) without going, it will keep it a treat. Wow, though–July and August are going to be fab movie months!

Netflix has become a really close friend. I think most chronically ill people would agree. I’ve been having a fibromyagia flare, a spinal stenosis flare, and my newly coined term, a depression flare. So I’ve been watching anything that seems mildly interesting.

I was able to keep creating through everything. That’s a sanity saver. I painted every day! Lately I am using my Japanese watercolors on watercolor paper. For the last two years when I painted with watercolors, which was a lot, I used Yupo, a synthetic paper that isn’t pourous.

I need to start working in my watercolor journal with watercolor pens again. It turned out that I liked the first set of those pens, which I bought spontaneously when I was in the art store for some paint, enough to get another set a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to finish this watercolor journal and get another. I like making these as epic gifts or to sell.

I’m on a plateau in my weightloss journey. I’m mostly 57 pounds (26kg) down but right now I’m going up a pound or two and down a pound or two. I’m eating sparsely to try to getting back to losing weight. Basically I’m maintaining my weight which is enough for me to feel ok, in the short term.

Saying how much I have lost and that there is more to go, is really really hard because saying that shows that I was pretty damn big and I’m not small in the least now. I’ve never said that on the interwebz before.

That’s enough for now.
Happy weekend!