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no more white walls!

recently i had some rooms painted in cool colors. that’s one of the best things about  owning your home is you can paint the walls be any color you want! so i  have  a bathroom that is grey, a purple bedroom, and a red  office.downstairs is all sage green. one bathroom is still white ack!  the master bathroom is a weird pinkish sandy color.

i’ve lived in this same house for 20 years! it was the first house we bought and we’re still here. i love my house! i can’t imagine wanting to leave!

i’m lucky to have a refuge like this! i’m grateful.     🙂




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funny little dino acrylic painting

this painting is almost entirely different from everything i do. for one thing, it’s representative. everything else i do is incredibly abstract and people have asked, fairly often, if my paintings are backgrounds. that’s one reason texture is good, especially impasto! lol i’m trying to create more structure in them so they don’t look quite like backgrounds. but when i see artists who create “background paintings” i really like their work. i dunno, maybe i should go with the force and just create backgrounds!

i wanted to create something new. i remember i was sitting at my little art studio which is half of the dining room table and some big plastic boxes back there. argh. anyway, i was sitting there wanting to paint but not having a clue what to do. when that happens and just cause i liked doing it, too, i began by choosing colors. i have three plastic bins of acrylic paint, so i go through all that and grab colors without looking.

i have to use what i  picked so that means…creativity!

back to the funny little dino, or it could be a bird, or a baby ostrich, hahaha! i painted the outline, lol that big thick gray out line, which was probably me trying to painting a small line and not getting it right. then i’d have to keep painting the line a little more and a little more and give up when it’s really thick! i do that when i’m drawing, too. i know that if someone else had seen the first or second or third…version they probably say it was fine, or as good as i could get it without making it too thick! 😀

the dino just evolved. when i draw a creature like a snake or a fish they always have those fin/spikes, you know what i mean…the triangles on his back. . i wanted it to be a riot of color. different colors everywhere! i mixed colors on the canvas and on the palette. it was really fun. i didn’t bother trying to have a color scheme, i just went along without thinking about it.

i was thrilled with the beak!



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crazy acrylic painting, “splurt”

i love this painting but it almost went into the trash. actually it’s on canvas, so i probably would have painted over it. i painted on it more and started liking it better.

if you can tell, there’s sort of a purple flower on the middle left. i was focusing on that and there was more and more purple til i got really frustrated. i wasn’t sure what to do. . i lay on more and more paint on a area i want to accentuate. but like with the flower, i put on so much paint it turns out very dark and a bit bloby. in this case i tried to brighten up the areas around the purple “flower”. that was good, but not good enough.

i took an almost empty tube of pale pink and squeezed the tube over the flower. i didn’t know what i was going to do. other than mix some colors on the canvas. but the tube was emptier than i thought. it splurted all over, but in a very thin way. it looked cool. there was a little paint left, so i squeezed the tube above  the canvas and squirted it all over, being careful not to obscure the whole painting.  flower problem solved and i think the painting looks all crazy and wild and pretty cool!