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a magnificent specimen

i drove up to Oakland today, the most beautiful day this year, and saw things like this that i thought were glorious and green.

i was up there to go to my medical marijuana (mmj) dispensary which is across the street from this magnificent specimen of palmlyness. cannabis is definitely glorious and green. so i bought my pot and drove across the street to take some pictures.

lately i’ve been taking pictures of buildings, with an eye for the abstract. i used to take pictures of textures and shapes. then i moved on to houses and shadows. i didn’t take and pictures for a long time. when i went to the movies last week, the odd and rather grand architecture of ┬áthe theater caught my eye. i whipped out my camera and started snapping away.

the strange thing about that, as well as these and almost anything i’ve taken pictures in the past couple of weeks were all shot that were so in the sun that i couldn’t see anything through the camera. as you know, smart phone screens look black in bright light. i looked at the subject, framed the shot in my mind and shot it without seeing it until after i’ve taken it! isn’t that a strange thing?

have a delightful evening! ­čÖé
Glorious palm tree color

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stripped of my humanity

who am i? am i a symbol? am i stripped of my  humanity?

why do i look like plastic? why am i stripped of my personality?

is that supposed to be me? why am i wearing a skirt? a dress?

i don’t wear skirts or dresses. is this supposed to be me?

why is my bust accentuated? is that what makes women different than men?

yes physically, but stripped down to this, is this why i’m different from a man?

what am i?



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friday night, first night of thanksgiving vacation!

it’s friday night!!! (someone once said to me, you’re so enthusiastic! and i was like ??!!!!!!!!!!!??????)

right now it’s early saturday.

sharon jones died yesterday. r.i.p.

the room is dim, the walls are dark red. the carpet is dark who knows what. there are little leds shining and blinking all over. i feel kind of like i’m on a spaceship. the blinds are dark red, the foldy cloth kind? the chairs have red seats. two wood desks facing a wall of art.i have a big, heavy, wood buddha on my desk as well as my tablet and phone. he has a screen the size of alaska. clearly he’s the pilot. there’s a space between the two desks that is carpeted by a folded quilt from his ┬ámom. that’s where the puppeh goes.

black and white abstract photograph 143.