Roasted Cauliflower Soup by Chef Peter

I take pictures of the food we eat pretty often because my husband is a superb chef. He cooks 3 meals a day almost everyday (lunches…for both of us…are leftovers during the week.).

I eat like a queen! Some of it, like tonight’s roasted cauliflower soup, is healthy, and some isn’t at all!

He really should blog about it, but it seems funny to even think about Peter writing a blog. He’s a total introvert and when online, he lurks at all possible times!

I thought I’d start sharing some of his cooking, it seems too good not to!

On Sunday nights my he makes meals that take quite a while to prepare. That’s partly because he has the time, but also because he goes to the farmer’s market every Sunday morning. He likes to take the time too make more creative and ambitious dishes. He usually concentrates on one dish.

Tonight he used one of my least favorite veggies, a winter staple, cauliflower, to make a delicious soup.

He roasted 2 heads of cauliflower tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. He roasted it in the oven for 45 (?) minutes and then used a hand blender to mix it with chicken stock he made yesterday. He could it until boiling, added soy sauce, sautéd broken up spicy Italian sausage (also from the farmer’s market).

Finished with powdered Chipotle and pecans, it looks as tasty as it was! We ate it with the toasted ends of last week’s bread.

Stay tuned for more YUM.





awake and alone too early

i had another crappy night’s sleep. meh. i had nightmares i can’t remember and woke up feeling nauseated a couple times in the night. i finally got up at 6am. it was dark and cold and all i wanted was to be warm and to sleep. i love sleeping on my sofa (my husband indulged me and bought new furniture for our 20th anniversary last july), but it was so cold and lonely downstairs.  the sun is up now, so maybe things will improve. my tummy is still really unhappy.

i never feel like i can wake up fully or warm up or enjoy the morning light unless andrew and mackie are awake too. it’s wonderful when they are, but i always wake up before them.

i took xanax, my tummy meds and smoked a bowl. i can’t drink coffee until i’ve eaten or i will throw it right back up. ugh.

i wish andrew went to work earlier (who gets to get up at 8 and not have to be into work until 10?) when i was working i usually had to get up at 5 to get to work by 7. since he has such a late morning, we have nice cooked breakfasts. today is an eggs, bacon and toast kinda day, i think. i’ll feel much better then.

i think i’m trying to convince myself that i’m doing ok. i feel like crying. i hate being alone.