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“delft spirits”

This painting is watercolors and acrylic ink on watercolor paper.

It’s for sale for $35. Let me know if you’re interested.












terraced caverns postcard

terraced caverns postcard

last week i butted heads with mania and came out, well, manic! i’m not as revved up as i was then, but it’s still here, not far away, just under the surface. not the surface of my mind or my skin, but the surface of my heart. it’s leaking out. out of my eyes, my mouth, my skin. you can see it on me.

the crazy moods led me to spend a ridiculous amount of money on watercolor paints. art supplies are my favorite indulgence, but this was just silly. 😀 they arrived today and they inspired me to paint! that’s been kind of difficult. i want to paint, but i almost feel like i physically can’t. i tried to force myself to, and i did paint all over a piece of paper, but i didn’t enjoy it and i knew without even having to look at the painting when it was dry to know it was nothing i wanted to share.

but the paints arrived today and i was so excited! i regretted the purchase right after i made it, but today i wasn’t sorry. as you can see from this painting, i chose all purples, reds, and blues. i’m trying out a variety of different brands this time.

i had fun painting this, and i actually like the way it turned out. 🙂 yay!

all of that and there’s still another day of weekend left! i look forward to sunday because andrew always cooks pancakes for breakfast. we have a lot of food traditions that are fun; they give me things to look forward to. we just finished homemade pizza, the regular saturday evening meal. it was delicious and i think i’m ready to paint more!

hope everyone in blogsville is doing well! ❤


first, i want to thank the wonderful people who gave me such great support earlier today. the community here is so caring and friendly. thanks to all the people following and anyone who takes the time to read.

when i was feeling better, before my freak out message,lol, i participated in a challenge held by a group on deviantArt that i belong to, called the art of collage. the challenge was to make on white collage. the only restriction was that the whole collage is white, or very close to white, like cream or ivory.

the challenge is here http://the-art-of-collage.deviantart.com/

this is my entry…

white on white collage
white on white collage

the background is a page from a pocket size molskeine notebook.the paper with  the indented white writing is something i ripped off a medicine box. the thick cardboard strip was cut off a box from amazon with pinking shears. at the top there is salt in a dried up puddle of elmer’s glue. the part that looks like spilled coffee is white acrylic paint with a touch of brown mixed in.

what do you think?