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examination of a psychedelic drawing

i did a series of psychedelic drawings that were very different from how i have drawn in the past. it was the same because it was line art colored with sharpies, generally fine size sharpies. that’s the difference. i usually do outlines with small fine liners or gel pens. those drawings are very precise and careful, colored perfectly, skinny lines. the line art is always black.

with this new series (not new anymore! they’re from  November 2016. i just say new, meaning different than my work usually is.) i decided to just totally go with the flow and take away the control, take away the formality, take away the slow, tiny lines. this is the uptight, perfect, detailed kind i’m talking about.

2014 sharpies on bristol


2015  prismacolor markers on bristol

they’re pretty impressive and they were challenging, but a lot of the time i think of things that are psychedelic, like acid or marijuana or mescalin or peyote don’t make your feel like being really small and detailed and careful. they don’t do that to me.

they make me feel wild and free, loose and comfortable, open and soft. i let go and let the trip take me where it will. i wanted the different series to reflect that part of psychedelia instead of the optical precise ones i usually do.

i started by using a sharpie that wasn’t black to draw the line art with. the other remarkable thing about that sharpie was the fine point size, the big ones (as compared to the smaller ones, the ultra fine kind). i wanted the outline to blend in with the drawing so i chose dark colors like blue, green, and purple that were dark but not as dark as black. they are not so dark you can’t see the color.  i let myself be sloppy and draw quickly. i didn’t have a particular color scheme. i just jumped in and did it. i think it took me about 3 hours to do it.

i will probably make the detailed, perfect psychedelic drawings more, but now and then, it’s fun to let your mind and hands go free.

this is one in the wild and crazy category!

dance with color
November 2016 sharpies on cardstock