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“My outsider art, my therapy”

I’m kind of excited about this drawing. I always want to make outsider art and most of the time it doesn’t feel right. I think I got what what I was looking for.

When I saw my therapist last week and she told me to get the bad feelings out. She told me yell! So I did and what i ended up shouting almost involuntarily, fuck you fuck you fuck you etc.

Recently I wrote about art therapy. This is a great example of that. This drawing is how I felt when I was yelling in my therapist’s office. Drawing this was another way of getting negative feelings out.

I drew it all in one sitting. I really didn’t want to stop the process, so I kept working on it.once I got going it was easy.

I did it with prismacolor markers. I wanted to express the insanity I felt so I didn’t use any pencil or ink outlines, just straight up color and shapes.

This sort of  artwork makes me so nervous. It’s way outside my comfort zone. but that’s a good thing for an artist.

 Since I’m not skilled at drawing and I rarely post pieces that are raw and negative I feel vulnerable. It’s totally uncensored and totally unpolished.

So, here you go!


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portraits of cookie

my friend, we call each other gramma,  is obsessed with cats.  so, as an homage to gamma’s cat Cookie, i drew these as “portraits” that looking nothing like her. she is a small tabby.

i just wanted  to perk her up and give her something that would mean a lot. also, i wanted to reflect how precocious and mischievous the cat is. i made about 15 of these. you can probably tell that i modeled some of these from clip art. you may see some that look kind of familiar.

she loved them and i sent her all the originals.