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little trip to Carmel, CA

This weekend we went on a little vacation. It was just overnight in Carmel, CA which is about 2 hours SW of me, just south of Monterey. It’s a beautiful little town. There is a gallery and boutique sort of downtown, which isn’t my thing. If you get into the residential areas and to the lovely, cold beaches, I love it. Sometimes it’s warm, but mostly quite cool.

The houses are pretty small but beautiful. They’re like fairy houses! They’re not very far from the road or each other, but they’re surrounded by flowers and trees.

It’s very much a pedestrian and dog town. There are people walking their dogs all around the place. Everyone is so friendly!

The stayed in a pretty little cottage with a backyard. It was  an easy walk from a beach. No length of walk is easy for me so I stayed in the cottage and snuggled up in a big chair with a blanket and my dog! My huz sent me pictures of the beach and views around there.

We grilled veggies and sausages. It wasn’t too chilly to sit outside and eat; there was nice furniture out there. Mackie (the dog) got to wander around and hide in the flowers and ferns.

I brought my bong so I could still use my mmj. It was nice to sit in the brisk air to smoke.

They had streaming Netflix so we watched The Matrix Reloaded.

We went to bed early because the bed was insanely luxurious getting under the covers was like being in a giant feather sandwich. It was all so soft and smooth. It’s the only hotel bed that my huzzy could sleep in.

They brought a nice breakfast and we hung out. The drive home was easy.

soooooo totally chill.


















discussion of a multi media painting…

Back Camera

this piece was my token entry to a contest i held in one of my

deviantart groups. i run a few groups there.

this particular contest was held in my large group (1750 members!)


we accept all media and most skill levels.

the other main group i run is


it’s a group for abstract expressionist painters and multimedia creators. it’s quite specific and has very high standards.

back to the painting!

i ran a lot of contests in that spirals-and swirls group. i, the theme of this one was “the blue sea”and the other admins, make token entries for each contest. we all judge the contest, so our creations couldn’t be in the running.

i painted this artwork on 10″x17″ canvas board. at the time i was obsessed with texture. i still find it very interesting! i made the ridges and swirls with a lot of gesso applied with palette knives that i left out to dry overnight. it’s solid in the morning.

i mention wiping acrylic paint off my work in another discussion. i did that a lot with this. i painted over it with many versions of blue and a little green. i let it dry for a little while and then wipe a lot of it off. repeat, repeat, repeat! i went a little crazy with it and wiped off lots of the painting, the entire middle!  i liked the way all that white looked and the texture from the dry gesso looked a bit like a wave. when i stepped back to have a good look at it in order to take it all in. the first thing i saw was a cave. the waves crash into the cave and the sea surrounds it.

i was pleased with it and like the theme so much, i painted another. i gave those two to the top 2 winners.

a lot of my paintings are storms. storms in the sky, storms in the sea, storms on land, every type of storm. of course all my work is very abstract so it’s not like i’m painting a hurricane or a twister. my storms are wild and powerful, chaotic and dynamic. i want viewers to hear and feel the wind.i hope this makes the viewers to imagine the storm and feel like it’s a live being.

the contest was a big success and the winner was pleased with his prize. he even sent a picture hanging on his wall!