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the time Chef Peter made cronuts…

Waaay back in 2013 my husband heard a story about the street vendor who invented cronuts on NPR. He told me about it and the two of us became obsessed.

It was a while ago, so I apologize if I have any of this mixed up. A man invented something wonderful that was a cross between a croissant and a donut…a cronut. He sold them in New York City for $5 each with a limit of 2 per person. He started selling them at 5am lasting for only one hour. Everyday there were crazy lines down the street.

Peter’s version was filled with lemon custard and frosted with dark chocolate frosting. the original had custard and chocolate frosting, too, but he made some adjustments.

The dough is croissant pastry. you should have seen the mastery at work (and the astonishing amount of butter), when he made that!

You form it into a donut shape, leaving room for the lemon custard filling.

Deep fry it and fill it with cold custard and put the chocolate frosting on top.

Eat immediately!

Eating them was an experience unlike any other! The texture is insanely nice. The hot dough and cold custard balance each other perfectly.

You have to eat them when they’re almost too hot to hold so they don’t seem greasy.

The frosting is ganache. He makes it by melting Scharfenberger 79 % dark chocolate in a dish over boiling water. He stirs in heavy cream and lets it cool.

The very dark chocolate contrasts with the sweet custard beautifully.

The whole thing melts in your mouth. It’s perfect harmony!

We both ate 2 and then feel in bed and died.

Damn they were good.


kiss the ring

midnight mass on christmas eve is always crowded. i bent and kissed the bishop’s ring i saw the way everyone looked at me and realized my behavior was unacceptable, shocking even. sometimes when people get angry they say things are unacceptable. what a futile thing do say. there is no such thing. there is no too much, no too little, no limit. you think no pain will go on until you can’t stand it but you can. you have to stand it until you’re dead.

bear claw

people don’t understand. they don’t know what it is to need. i just need one more pill and i’ll feel the way i want to. that’s need. mostly need is waiting. need teaches you how to wait, but not wait quietly. waiting strung up tight. i told her she was anal. haha. she sputtered in anger. turned red. i surprised myself by having to try not to smile.

bird house i try not to smile, but if i do i stretch my lips into a half circle, with my lips pressed together, tight. i still have that appalling scar on the tip of my nose. we were at the zoo and the monkeys made me scared. i felt like i was going to faint. i felt that once in gym class. i don’t know if i really did or not. i always wish things were worse.