244 and 244.2

today’s addition to the neighborhood series.


when i took the shot i noticed that there were some wonderful highlights of red in it, and it looked so summery and alive. i had to have a color version of the picture because it’s so lovely. personally, i like the color one a lot better, but i also had to keep the continuity of the series.


quite a difference!




this is the latest photograph in the ‘neighborhood’ series.

this series has been really good for me. i am just taking shots at places in my neighborhood (who would have guessed? lol)

that are close enough for me to walk to. that’s a big deal for me. my agoraphobia has lifted enough that i can go outside in public places. i have a purpose to be out there…getting a shot for everyday’s neighborhood photo. it’s getting to be a bit of a ritual.

it makes me feel good because i have a goal i can reach. i haven’t had a day yet that i couldn’t get a picture i liked. some are better than others, but i think that’s just how a project like this works.

it’s important for me to get out and moving around because my bursitis and arthritis (let’s write a musical!) keep me in the house, stuck in one spot, all day. i didn’t walk far, but it was enough to find a new picture and enjoy the sun and the flowers all over people’s porches. yay!