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portraits of cookie

my friend, we call each other gramma,  is obsessed with cats.  so, as an homage to gamma’s cat Cookie, i drew these as “portraits” that looking nothing like her. she is a small tabby.

i just wanted  to perk her up and give her something that would mean a lot. also, i wanted to reflect how precocious and mischievous the cat is. i made about 15 of these. you can probably tell that i modeled some of these from clip art. you may see some that look kind of familiar.

she loved them and i sent her all the originals.



good times

today I was going through a big pile of stuff that i found in a box in a mess, lol, and I saw a little thank you note from my gramma for a gift I gave her. there was a letter inside the card but I couldn’t handle reading it.

the main point of this is the card itself. it’s just a piece of folded watercolor paper. but my gramma was a professional painter, so I knew it was an exciting find. she had written,on the back, in perfect printing, “original watercolor by Ruth Mabie” the title is, “spotted adder’s tongue.”

the painting is a delicate yellow flower with beautifully shaded leaves and stem. it was cool to find the painting, but to see it again now that I can paint, is pretty amazing.

I can understand how she made this part or that. I can understand why the composition is the way it is, and I can identify the colors…

I can remember eating my gramma’s berry pie (omg) and watching her paint.

good times.