once in awhile i decide to draw…

once in awhile i decide to draw. i’m primarily a painter, but i can do fun doodles..neon sharpies revisited

and abstract drawings pen and ink, in a very different style that the drawing above. my style changes when the medium changes. it;s not something that i do intentionally, it just happens. it’s even true with my handwriting. my writing changes dramatically from ball point to pencil to charcoal to gel pens. this was done with micron fine liners and sharpies.

..2 days, 2 pens

i also draw colorful repetitive psychedelic drawings…

webby doodle complete

i rarely do things with dry mediums like graphite or charcoal or conte crayons, but once in awhile i feel the need…

crazyruthie colors Aestro Ai's line art

and some of you know about this, but i’m working on a giant drawing, 30″x22″  using sharpies on bristol. it’s going very slowly, but that was sort of the point. i wanted to have something i could work on when i felt uninspired. i’m doing it with a great deal of detail.

large checkered drawing line art WIP

detail from giant drawing WIP

when i draw, i usually sit down and draw for several hours, interrupted only by trips to the bathroom! i crouch over them and concentrate very very deeply and nothing can bother me. it frees me from the anxiety that is with with me. i don’t thing about anything but shapes and color. i don’t like being disturbed and when i finish the drawing i feel lost. i worked really hard and it was draining mentally and physically. i always feel like i spent the time well, even if i don’t like the outcome (it’s a bummer, but i do like to do things for the the sake of doing them.)

i’ve had three surgeries on my hands that prevented me from drawing for a long time. i could paint, but gripping a pencil or pen and controlling it well was impossible.  i missed it. i think of drawing as a fun side project, not my actually art, though sometimes it looks pretty and the time i spent concentrating was therapeutic.