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stripped of my humanity

who am i? am i a symbol? am i stripped of my  humanity?

why do i look like plastic? why am i stripped of my personality?

is that supposed to be me? why am i wearing a skirt? a dress?

i don’t wear skirts or dresses. is this supposed to be me?

why is my bust accentuated? is that what makes women different than men?

yes physically, but stripped down to this, is this why i’m different from a man?

what am i?



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“Concrete Wall”

This is a canvas I painted to look like a concrete wall. Did I succeed?

I did this partly as as a challenge to myself. I wanted to paint something on a blank canvas that looked like almost nothing, while actually looking at something that is recognisable as something real, something clearly is different than a blank canvas but still extremely minimal and hard to parse because it’s hard to pin down.

I think taking an amorphous idea like, can something empty be made into something nearly real, or at least something that can be named, after scrunity? Or does it stay just as amorphous?

Lots of questions, lots more than I talked about. Can you think of other questions? Does this seem worth doing?