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Creating a painting

This is a little picture of setting up things to paint. My pallette has so much paint left on it from a painting I did before this so I taped watercolor paper to a piece of cardboard for painting on with acrylics. The masking tape keeps the paper from warping, which it does when you get it wet or put a lot of paint on it.

I love my water cup! You can see it, it’s like a plastic coffee cup. I have had it for 9 years! It’s covered with paint stains. Inside there is an area where the water goes that is totally white. I always put that same amount of water, so over the years it got odd inside!

I am painting on old bath towels spread over the dinning room table, so I have to be pretty careful.

I’m almost out of masking tape and if I run out I won’t be able to paint on paper. Eep! I have canvases, I might as well treat myself to paint on them. It’s a little tricky because the most common, and smallest canvas I have is 16″x20″ which are difficult to paint sitting down. So I have to do it a little at a time because I cannot stand for more than a few minutes at once once. That’s because I have spinal stenosis.

I’m amazed that I was able to paint two works almost back to back. I like one of them a lot. It’s weird. Lol

I will post it when I figure out why every photo editing app I have we have makes square paintings tall and skinny and they don’t save any changes you want to make, like cropping, when you look at the photo is as if it didn’t do anything to it. It baffles me because all the apprpriate apps i have (and I use several. Even photoshop express messes it up. I consider myself pretty familiar with these apps, but it’s a mystery to me. I’m sure my husband can figure out in about 30 second.

The oddest thing is when I edit photos in photoscape on my PC, it works perfectly! Thank goodness for that!

Maybe this is super obvious, but OMG using the real programs on the computer is so much easier and everything works, and they have so many more features than apps! It’s a treat to use the PC! I thought apps were the shit and they had most of features of a real computer.

I think phones and tablets are more fun than the PC, but if you want to get something done , the computer is the thing to use. When it’s dry I’ll take a picture. 

Have a delightful evening!



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