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Random stoned thoughts 2

I want to be an astronaut! I want to feel power of the G-forces during take off. I want to feel weightlessness– my spine problems would just float away. Think of sleeping with no gravity! I can imagine I’d wake up feeling a heathy person.

When I was in high school my mother had a boyfriend who was security guard. He had a utility belt, like the police do. Baton, pepper spray, taser, and there was GUN in a holster, zip ties, and a Leatherman. (haha! Hey, I got one, everyone should! (Especially if you need to cut your arm off.)

I was terrified of the gun. I thought it would go off if I  touched it.

Right, back on topic.

Sorry guys, got bored, mind wandered.

Banksy took a lot of his paintings (on canvas even.) OOAK! Originals! To   Central Park and started selling them for $5 or $10  on a street corner. Nobody knew who he was, so they didn’t  know who painted it. Cool, huh?

Do you think originals are better than a glicee print on canvas. For me, one of the main things I love is knowing El Grecco touched his painting Don Quixote, I would want to touch places he did! I grew up in st.louis. the art museum there was really good. The symphony was popular and got great reviews. Most of the rest of the place is a pit. In some ways it reminds me of Detroit. I will NEVER go back there.

Today’s triumph! I forced myself to go to group. I’m really glad I did. Now everybody knows all about each other. We support each other.
Have a good evening!


6 thoughts on “Random stoned thoughts 2”

  1. Being from Michigan and having been in Detroit proper over the decades, I must agree that Detroit is a pit, to put this politely. Please, never fear guns. Guns are no more dangerous than your living room couch. It’s the bloody nutter holding the weapon that we should fear.

    In Michigan, I had a Concealed Carry license. I had a pistol in my pocket in every store. Nevada is an Open Carry state, it’s not uncommon to see people with a.45 calibre pistol openly displayed. These are not those to be feared. Disarm our society, only the police and crooks will carry guns. Crooks don’t give rat’s bum about laws. I currently own no firearms…


  2. If I had a gun and I was using it to defend myself, I think the crook would get it away from me! I can see having a shotgun for protection at home, but you know what they say about hand guns only have one purpose

    Why would you need to carry a concealed gun?

    Have you ever shot at a person?

    Sorry I don’t me to piss you off. Maybe we can agree to disagree.. 😊


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