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Rock’n’Roll t-shirts

As I”ve mentioned before, I lost more than 50 pounds (23kg) over the past year and I’m still going!

This feels like daja vu because I did the same thing a few years ago. I lost more than I have now, but on the way down I got to the size I am at the moment. It was very exciting! It is again.

The first time  I lost a lot of weight, (I gained it all back; I thought my heart was going to break.) I really needed some shirts that didn’t fit me like a tent. Plus, I wanted to show off my achievement in clothes that fit.

My dear ol’ dad was so proud of me, he gave me money to buy some new clothes. I needed shirts, mostly. I had jeans that I bought previously that pretty much fit me.

I love Rock’n’Roll and I always wanted RnR t-shirts but until I started shopping on eBay where you can get just about any size, I was out of luck. My big self wouldn’t fit into any of those kind of shirts I could find.

Then I got to this size and suddenly the world of rock shirts was open to me! When I’d spent all the money I had more than 15 new shirts. Some we’re vintage but most were new.

Some examples: a couple of U2 shirts, Jim Morrison, the Velvet Under Ground, a couple Bowie shirts, the Police, Dead Can Dance, Garbage, Pink Floyd, the Clash, the Pogues, etc!

Now, instead of having to buy new shirts, I can fit into (most) of these shirts!

Thanks Dad and thanks me


14 thoughts on “Rock’n’Roll t-shirts”

  1. It’s kinda funny funny thinking back that given my clear passion for music I barely scratched the surface when it came to t-shirts. I did create two using my own printer transfers, one of Syd Barrett and the other of Emma Peel but apart from those I never bought or owned any. Partly because of lack of cash but also partly because I was never a t-shirt man.

    I’ve always been a collarless shirt man. If a shirt has collars, you can keep it but any without, I snap up in an instant as I rarely ever encounter them. Because I’m a shirt man, jackets are important to me and I have a selection to this day comprising corduroy, leather and velvet but it’s disarming to think I no longer have a vital addition which was my way of shouting out what I loved – BADGES. I used to buy and own tons of those and people would talk to me and look with fascination at the various badges I would pin to the jackets. I have been looking at them again, so maybe will get back into wearing an assortment of badges but remain bewildered what happened to most of the ones I owned and cherished!


  2. Congrats on the weight loss! I don’t have any cool T shirts like that these days, all I have left is a T from the late 1970’s that says “Detroit – where the weak are killed and eaten”… Being from Michigan, it’s a good fit! What’s your weight loss secret if I may ask, I need to drop about 25 ponds… Grrrrr

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    1. Thank you very much! That’s a great tshirt, kind of ahead of it’s time.

      My secret? I used to eat a lot, I’m a real fan of food! I lost some weight because I got to feeling really sick and lost some weight. I felt better and I just kept going. It was exciting so I was motivated and still am. With the motivation I just spo

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      1. Really, I’ve tried this with minimal results. You rock! I’m seeing a dietician tomorrow to see what can be done. My diet could be better but I usually avoid the nasty fast food joints and eat at home. Those are the choices I need to focus on. This doctor specializes in people with heart issues and diabetes. Fingers and toes crossed, right?!

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      2. I’ll even cross my eyes! Eating at home is key. Processed foods are out. You have to be willing to cook at least a little. Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week.

        Let yourself have treats once in awhile. Have healthy stuff to snack on at home. Don’t eat after dinner. Bananas are really high calorie. That was a surprise. I thought they were a good healthy snack. Nope!

        I guess I did have a few ideas! Best of luck!!

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      3. Wow!! I just ate a banana but have read they are terrible for you. Eating at home just makes the most sense, you control your caloric intake. I rarely weigh myself, it’s just upsetting. Once a week is a good time.Oh I do eat treats but usually those protein/fibre bars. It’s amazing how we seem to be on the same path!

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      4. We do! Yeah, eating at home is so much safer. Restaurant food tastes so good because they stick in stuff like cream and butter in things you wouldn’t expect to find them in.

        Is your diabetes in good control? Mine isn’t. Bleh.
        Weighing yourself is scary!! I totally understand that.

        Those bars can be super yummy. I like power bars a. lot, better than candy bars. It’s silly how they say they’re healthy! Basically they *are* candy. Oh so tasty! Cliff bars are good, too. Pretty much all of them are!

        I like baked goods for my treats, but they’re so bad for you!

        How is your evening going?

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      5. All is well here Ruthie, had a few brews, heading for bed soon. Eating a bowl full of veggies. Those damn bars are not unlike the bars you buy inside Smiths or Kroger.

        Not totally crap yet partially OK. ready for bed here, talk to you in the AM. Use my Contact Form on my site if you want. ❤️

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      6. Update: My dietitian weighed me today, first visit. I was at 214 for a long time, am now 222 pounds. Good Lord… I have a major diet change starting today.


      7. Damn, I”m sorry I’m so bad about hitting return accidentally! I think I was saying weighing yourself is scary. Maybe it will be a great motivator. It helps me….when I’m shocked!

        Are you setting goals? That helps me a lot too.

        What did the dietician have to say?


  3. Do you mind if I ask how old you are? What are you up to today? As usual I’ll be home all day. If I feel good enough, I’ll get out a canvas and paint with acrylics.

    I might watch Dr. Strange again. Do you like to watch TV/movies? I watch Netflix stuff mostly. For most of my life I hated watching ANYTHING! Now t’ve gotten so bored, I like it! There’s so much good tv to watch with nexflix, amazon, the cable channels, and lots more producing their own content. I think it’s the golden age of TV. Big time movie actors now working in TV!

    Ok, have a super day!


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