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I made this acrylic painting on paper with plastic silverware!


6 thoughts on ““rushing””

    1. Thanks much, Cher! Is it hot in Chicago? My experiences in Chicago were either incredibly hot!
      I ‘m from St. Louis and my extended family is all in Michigan, so I’ve been to and drove through it a zillion times. It’s a cool place!

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      1. It’s quite good today, Ruthie; however, as you know it sure can get very hot here with the humidity. Ah, St. Louis isn’t too far from Chicago. I’ve heard it is a cool place too! Oh yes, I love it here! Cher xo


    1. Thanks, r. Did I ask you about your new address? I rip envelopes violently, not such a good habit. Anyway, I can’t read it on either one! So sorry! Could you email me the address? There’s some thing I want to send to you.

      Did I ask you if you watched orange is the new black? I’m almost done with the 4th season. I’m binge watching it. 😎.
      Did we have this conversation about the address already? It seems familiar.

      I’m going to send you an ATC. The little cards…the is not the thing I mentioned before.


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