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My week.

I was very depressed yesterday because of Chris Cornell’s death. I still can’t listen to Soundgarden or Audioslave, I’m afraid it would upset me more than i”‘m willing to go through right now.

My own depression is bad, my pain is difficult and I have something new to be afraid of. It”s a procedure that is going to be very painful.

I’ve been reading comic books like crazy! I found trade paperbacks aka graphic novels, aka comic books that are collections of quite a few single issues collected in one volume used which are half off the price listed on the book. Comic books are really expensive, so it”s a great find. They have a good selection of older Batman books.

I can”t wait for the Wonder Woman movie to come out and The Defenders on Netflix!
I enjoyed seeing whatever that King Arthur movie is called. I enjoyed it because Charlie Hunnam was the star. I have a big crush on him, from watching 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy. The plot was all over the place, i didn’t relate or sympathize with any one, there was no character development, and even though it was fantasy, it still seemed like it was wildly unbelievable (not in a good way!).

I am trying to ignore what’s going on in my country. I live in a little bubble . Trump is ruining everything. Photos of him make me sick. So I tune it all out. I like to stay up late and close up everything…all the curtains and blinds. paranoid, maybe. Great need for privacy.

My neighbor complained about my dog’s barking. I don’t blame him, it’s a pain in the ass! I have to figure out how to shut the dog up!

I painted yesterday and today. It felt good,

I hope you have a creative weekend!


6 thoughts on “My week.”

  1. Though I wasn’t into Chris Cornell’s music, his death is sad and I fully sympathise since it’s always traumatic when we suddenly lose people we admire. His age and the suddeness of it… yeah… it sucks.

    Like yourself I’m living in my own bubble for similar reasons as we have a General Election shortly and Theresa May is guaranteed to win it which will be our very own Trump-like disaster as she is a hateful maniac and the prospect of suffering 5 more years of her as a dictator is too frightening as she’s a Trump supporter. I despair and wonder what is wrong with my fellow British people as we’re entering truly dark times. I too am sick of the sight of Trump and he frightens me and that’s partly how May is gonna win because everyone’s too busy reacting to Trump that May’s hatefilled policies and planned are being totally overlooked.

    Life inside my bubble is much better than the one outside of it as I’m keeping busy… am currently on a few days vacation. Went to a Shakespeare play last night and walked out at the interval since it was a farcical and radical interpretation transposed to the 21st Century which simply didn’t work and it angered quite a few others who also left early… ah… creative art can still hit the wrong nerves but I don’t take kindly to seeing Shakespeare to escape reality only for it to remind me even more of today’s corrupt political situation!

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    1. Hi! I haven’t been replying or reading other people’s blogs because I’ve been blue, so it’s great to hear how you are! Eek! Sounds like good way to have your evening ruined. I haven’t seen live theater in ages. I miss it. Was it close to home?

      It seems like I have missed out on everybody’s political situation! I have no idea it was like that in the UK! I talked to my dad just yesterday. I’m surprised he hasn’t mentioned it.

      Yay vacation! We have a national holiday coming up so my husband is taking a couple of extra days off. It will be nice to have some more time together and he’s working on a woodworking project that he wants to spend time. Hopefully I’ll get him to go to the movies at least once!


  2. Yes, heavy gloom in the air amongst decent thinking people here for if Theresa May wins, she’ll end up virtually as a dictator. She’s made it clear she wants the ban on fox hunting lifted but keep kicking disabled and ill people harder.

    Thankfully the theatre show wasn’t far away. Decided to do a split weekend, 2 nights in Sheffield and am now enjoying 2 nights in Scarborough, a seaside resort. Seeing Shakespeare desecrated the way it was, was anger inducing… you either do it properly or not at all, but it was nice I was not alone in my condemnations! Still, an experience I guess!

    Hope your vacation spell with your husband is an enjoyable one. We need all the cheering up and happy times we can get!

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    1. I’ve been on vacation in Scarborough! When I was living in Norwich and visits after I moved back, my father and I went on lots of little vacations like that. Good times.☺ Do you have decent spring weather so you can walk along the sea and eat ice cream cones, fight off the sea gulls and people watch.

      I’m not as much a Shakespeare purist as you are. I went to the Edinburgh fringe festival and I saw 4 Shakespeare plays in a week, besides many other things. One of the best vacations ever. Most of the Shakespeare was bizarre. I enjoyed it, but I would prefer a more traditional rendition, for serious enjoyment.


      What vacation-like activities are you doing today? you must have chips, or I would, were I you. There’s nothing that compares here.

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      1. Great to learn you’ve been here to Scarborough. A genuinely lovely place. I came a few weekends ago when there was unexpected hot weather and it was VERY busy to the degree the beach near the harbour… so busy and full you could barely see any sand!

        Today, the weather is… changeable. It’s rained heavily a few times… sun is shining right now as I type. I’m heading off for some fish and chips after I post this… I am a big fish and chips freak. Being alone, I mostly wander around, soaking up the vibes, sit on the quay and watch the world go by.

        I might sound like I’m big on Shakespeare, but I’m not. It’s one of them bucket list things to try and see each play at least once. I am big on “Hamlet” and yet to see a production of that but I think they should be performed as in the period they were written. Seeing Roman senators and Caesar himself dressed in sharp politician suits with briefcases… no. Not my scene. I don’t mind a bit of creative licence but this lot took it too far.

        The previous Shakespeare I saw was “Henry V” which was transposed to World War One… I was able to JUST accept that as the locale of the performance was none other than my favourite building in the world – Lincoln Cathedral. That was an unforgettable experience, astonishing acoustics!


  3. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to listen to his music since his passing. I guess it is just a different grieving process than mine as that is almost all I’ve been able to do. I found it difficult to pull myself away after listening to almost nothing else for 2 days, so that I could get my usual list of new music compiled to post today. Of course, I understand people go through things differently, but I do hope that you eventually are able to listen again. He was one of a kind. I cried when I heard the news. I turned on the radio and was puzzled when the third Cornell song in a row came on. Then the DJ came on and repeated the news I had not seen yet. They played his music for 12 hours; Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, and his solo work. They read letters from listeners about how his music helped them carry on in their own struggles with depression. I was brought to tears a few times throughout the day. He’s such a powerful figure, and it is still hard to accept he’s gone.


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