Mixed Episode

I haven’t been online much these days. I’m having a mixed episode. My emotions are all over the place. Depression Mania Depression Mania.

I’ve been hurting. The last couple of days I felt like my organs were hurting, like I  was passing a kidney stone.  I know I wasn’t, that it was just fibromyalgia making my body freak out. Today I spent quality time with Batman and my heating pad.

I’m not doing very well.

I really hope I feel better tomorrow because it’s my birthday! If I’m up to it, i’ll get a manicure and pedicure!

Well, meh.



21 thoughts on “Mixed Episode”

  1. I hope today is a better day for you. Happy Birthday! Today you can do whatever you want and no one can complain about it. Clutch your heating pad if you need to and watch anything you want to watch. If anyone gives you grief send them my way. I’ll straighten them out!

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    1. You’re the best! Hehe I do feel better today! Mixed episode is still going on but my guts don’t hurt any more, what a relief!
      My husband got up early before work made waffles with chocolate chips in them with real maple syrup and strawberries on top!

      It’s an international holiday celebrating me!!!!

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      1. I noticed that on my calendar! “Ruthie’s Birthday” but they had it for the week. As it should be. Anyone as wonderful as you needs to be celebrated for days!
        Your husband sounds like a sweetheart!


      1. Haha! I agree! When get tattooed I always eat a Hershey bar srsly! And smoked a joint

        Oh nevermind, I can’t make sense

        because I was in a lot of pain and I got really stoned so now my pain is down by 50%

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    1. You are so supportive, it means a lot. 😊 I feel better physically. I’m so stoned! I bought knickers lol peter does the laundry. Recently I cleaned our my underwear drawer I bought 10 nice cute cotton pairs. He demanded that I buy more! I got 5 more pairs from the same place so that they are in the same vein.

      That was so random and sill I hope it make you laugh! I’m clueless and super stoned!!

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    2. There are a few things I might want to blog about but i’d like to discuss some things with you,
      in private. We could do in chat like Google Hangouts or Twitter

      Would you wanna do that? It would be very cathartic for me. I trust you. I can feel that you a good person. We could do it whatever time we’re both logged in . Thanks in advance!

      I want you tell me if this too much to lay on you. You have much going on you life so I really want you let me know how you honestly feel about it.

      Lots of love,

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    1. Thanks very much! I even got cake! I’m sooo excited because peter a pumpkin pie. Absolutely my favorite dessert! . I’m 46. Weird. Why do people try to hide their age,???

      I did it again. I odd ramble so we’ll! Hugs!

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