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digging up the dead

i’ve been posting old stuff because it’s so different from what i do now. when i started this blog, my intention was to write stream of consciousness semi-fiction entries. i did it for awhile but i had very few followers so they’re sort of unseen. they’ve shown a lot more activity than my usual posts these days.

i thought i might write some more posts in that style. what do you think?

i went to the movies by myself (favorite pastime, of course) last week. i saw Kong Skull Island or some name like that;  it was crap. i’m not surprised or disappointed. i expected a shitty movie, but it was before noon so it was half price and i just wanted to be at the movies and get a giant soda and kick back in the dark. there were some good special effects in a big scene where Kong bashes up something like 10 helicopters. lots of good explosions. good cast, too. Summer Glau, John Goodman, and even Samuel Jackson. still, it was a flop, but not so bad that i left. it just goes to show that you can throw money and stars at the camera and waste everybody’s time and a helluva lot of money.

my psoriasis got bad enough that i went to a dermatologist. she has a long eastern european name that begins with a G so everyone calls her Dr G. sure that makes it easy and everyone in the clinic knows her that way, even the other doctors.  i think that’s really unfair and disrespectful to her background, presumptuous and it takes a short cut that’s easy for Americans to say, regardless of what her name really is. maybe this is something that just gets up my nose because i’m super sensitive to PC things, but i really believe in it. i had an endocrinologist named Dr. Seneveranati and then she left and i had one name Dr. Srinivasan. both of those names are challenging, and the fact that they’re quite similar, at least to me. but i made the effort to learn them and keep them separate. i think a person deserves to be called by their own name, even if it is a challenge for those of us, ie most Americans, to learn to say. but i think it’s our responsibility to do it. this is one of the few countries in the western world that doesn’t teach multiple languages  from a young age in school. i took french in high school for 4 years, but i’m hardly fluent. now with our horrific president they’ll probably try to make sure Americans don’t learn second language, and god forbid, don’t learn spanish! i’m getting angry as i write this!

my messed up diabetic split toe is starting to heal. the crack is widening, but it looks dry and clean . i’ll really be glad when this is all over so i can get a pedicure. lol! it stopped hurting which is great cause i don’t want to be in extra pain and since it’s healing, i probably have to have my leg cut off. lol that’s a horror i’ve always had, that i’d have to have an amputation (sort of common with diabetic people who don’t have foot exams, that have diabetic neuropothy  and don’t realize they get wounds on their feet or legs and can’t feel it. a wound could get infected and if the person doesn’t realize it could get so bad that part of the leg has to be amputated.) before i got diabetes i read about ella fitzgerald having to get both legs removed at the knee. i’ll never forget that.

have a brilliant saturday!


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