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Repost: who would move to Maine?

she lived in Maine. who would move to maine? they dissected a whale, as part of their coursework. i guess it got washed up on the shore? what if it hadn’t have happened if one never showed up. would all the silly sailors graduate? maybe they have jeans lined with mink.

ATC artist trading card watercolor

they came back and brought me a vintage swim suit i could barely fit into. we went swimming after dropping acid. then we all got into the car, in various states of undress and cruised to the rave. we never got there. probably better cause the swimsuit really didn’t suit me,

ATC burning ember

i don’t know if things are better or worse. it all seems the same but then from another angle it looks very different. who cares. …about anything or has the luck to gave something to care about, something real. the radio is invasive. but cds , tapes, records, mp3…. they are beautiful.ATC commision quartet 1

someone told me kurt cobain was too beautiful to be alive. 5 or 10 years later she died. ironic really. i watched the video of her  exercising and so i was shocked at the news.

i don;t read the news too painful. the people run all over and scream and die. put them all on soma. but the art, that will save their fake lives.


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