anxiety, insomnia, Life, writing

another post from the past,1/15/15

we were in amsterdam, arriving 6am. the hotel wouldn’t let us leave our luggage before 3pm. our luggage needed a hotel. our luggage couldn’t get a hotel, so we had to drag it around with us. drag drag drag a dead weight.

when we were in edinburgh we saw a japanese man pull another man in a chair, with his balls.his friend put milk in his mouth and made it come out of his tear ducts. they were the Tokyo Shock Boys. shocking indeed.

not only that. i did other things in secret. identity theft, i think someone stole my identity. i don’t really want it back. my back is incredibly itchy, could it be the poison ivy i’ve be spending my nights in? i thought i wasn’t allergic. they laughed when i told them her breed. they didn’t think it was true.

what do we know is true? nothing. no question there, just questions everywhere. i hum tunes when i’m thinking and when i’m freaking out not anywhere, no i won’t go. not the police again. but then, they might have been security guards for all i know. i’ll never know. i don’t want to know.


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