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comics i’ve read recently

i love comics! the art and the stories together make very satisfying reading. being an artist, the art is at least half  the reason i read a comic book, sometimes it’s a lot more than that. old comics don’t appeal to me as much as the new ones do. the drawing is totally different and the pages are like thick newsprint. the newer ones come, usually, on nice slick paper, like magazines but thicker. art-wise, that’s an awful lot nicer. it feels like you could rip the pages out (god forbid!) and frame them. of course, not all the art is that great, but a lot of it is remarkable.

i find out about indie comics and less well known comics from comic book store guy. i think i mentioned that he’s cute as a bug’s ear (my mother used to say that).  the store has a wonderful selection of comics there. it is called Treasure Island Comics. meh! it’s closed in this picture.

Treasure Island Comics Closed

according to him the batman comics are always the hottest comics.

single issue all star batman 6

this is one, below, is one of my favorite comics that are not DC or Marvel.

sixth gun

i’ve recently gotten into Wonder Woman. she’s a strong woman, as powerful as Batman, probably a lot more so, and on par (nearly) with Superman, who was her love interest for a long time. they’re drawing her much more as a warrior, than the lady in the not so invisible plane.

Wonder Woman, lies

my latest interest is Daredevil “the man who knows no fear.” i watched part of the Netflix show and liked it, but wanted to see the actually comics first. i read one collection and bought another. i was surprised, it arrived from amazon and that a hardcover version showed up. i wondered why it was so expensive! LOL

here comes Daredevil

comics are expensive and don’t take all that long to read, so you really have to want a book if you’re going to buy it. comics come in two formats. there are single issues, like the the batman one above. it’s a little more expensive because it’s longer than an issue usually is and as the title indicates, the series is “all star;”  which means it was drawn and written by famous names. a lot of them are people whose work i love.

comics also come in trade paper backs. they’re collections of quite a few issues presented as one volume. that’s how i usually buy them, unless they’re something brand new and something i’m really interested in, or something i like but want to read back issues of, or something i want to read, but i want to make sure i like it before i buy a volume. when the issues come out in a collection. the collected issues, come out in hardcover form before it’s released in paperback. (the Daredevil book isn’t new, it’s just a hardcover from the past.)

comics are great fun, though expensive. i highly recommend checking one out, they’re generally much cheaper on Amazon, but sometimes i buy the DC or Marvel comics at the shop because one should really support your local shop. i definitely get anything unusual, or find something there that i can get comic book guy’s advice and suggestions.

visit a local comic store and check it out, there’s something for everyone!!


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