abstract, art, circles, digital art, Mandalas, mixed media, photo manipulation, psychedelic, trippy

Even more digital mandalas!

little purple flower mandalaeye garden


5 thoughts on “Even more digital mandalas!”

  1. I see sooo much in these!
    I don’t know if it’s because of my weird eyes or not but the first one I was noticing has lots of optical illusion effects; Flowers dancing, horizontal rows sliding back and forth, the more I stare and change focus with my eyes, the more it does. I love it!
    And the second one is so interesting with picture within pictures.
    To name one thing, I see these remarkable large eyed creatures carrying this ornate object that comes across as being of great importance because these creatures appear to be crazed with strain, screaming, looking up to their maker, with sweat and tears just to carry it.

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