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I painted today!

It was fun! I haven’t wanted to do it much for ages. Even this morning I got a lump in my throat because i felt so strongly that I didn’t want to create anything. I wanted to want to. Art blocks are so scary, what if I never want to paint again???

But this afternoon I was bored and painting almost sounded good. I rushed to the table and got out acrylics and my last small canvas, 12″x12″ I made something colorful, textured and detailed. There are more details to add, which is good. yay! It was great.πŸ˜‹

It’s Friday night. Ramen night, real Japanese ramen. Exquisite broth, a few different kinds. The noodles are lovely and there are nice veggies. We are going to try a new place, new to us, lol. Huzzy will be home soon! Almost time for yummy food!




8 thoughts on “I painted today!”

      1. Yup Eastern time…I’m in NY. I’ve been up since 1am…it’s absolutely terrible! I started a higher dosage of prednisone after my hospitalization a few weeks ago and it has really messed up my system πŸ˜”

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      2. Oh I feel for you! Prednisone can be so awful, but so helpful. It gives me the worst hot flashes, but I have trouble with temperature.

        What were you in the hospital for? 😢


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