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this is how i feel…

i have hundreds of posts and i want to see some things that are are at the very beginning and others during that time period. could anyone enlighten  me on how to have a chance of looking at them. thanks in advance!

this is how i feel…





6 thoughts on “this is how i feel…”

      1. Yer welcome! I used to do that trick on my old blogs when the posts accumulated across dozens of pages! I used guesswork finding your earliest page by typing in the number 100, then 90, 85, 80… ah ha… something on 80 so went back to 84… nowt… 83… content… the earliest page!


    1. another question while we’re at it! how do you put a live link of someone’s user name so the are notified that you wrote something nice about you or teaches you how to do what you need to know! ^^
      i would have guessed it would be:


      but that doesn’t work

      i guess it could be



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