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bong painted with alcohol ink!


30 thoughts on “bong painted with alcohol ink!”

  1. That is pretty Sweet! I should send one out to you to get painted. Well, that’s if I had one. Actually, I may buy one sometime soon; but In no rush, and send it to you; if that’s alright, to be painted?

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  2. What made you decide to do that to a bong? I own a small one, but painting it never crossed my mind. I do want one done now that I’ve seen yours. I’d keep it as a momento of our bloggers relationship. Lol


    1. haha awesomesauce. well then, we better be friends! i wish they weren’t so fragile. i have a small glass one, but it seems like it would show up in a thousand pieces.

      i paint everything! have paint and ink you’ve never heard of, prolly. i did this with alcohol ink. you use it on non-porous surfaces. if you want to paint with it you do it on glossy card stock or photo paper, stuff like that. it is intended for objects. you can use it on glass or metal or sealed wood. i wanted to see what it would be like cause i’d never used it on an object before.
      it was fun so i kept dumping (omg that stuff is sooooo expensive)it down the bong by squeezing the little or just hold it upside down or you can do it like writing cause it’s got a tiny tip. when i put the white on all the colors mixed in it and were really bright. the metallic colors would looks soooo cool. i have a bunch. it looks cool, but i was excited, just dumping dumping. that’s why i said i could do a second one much better. i want to paint flowers and peace signs and stuff on it, i just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      how was your day?

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      1. Hey! How was your weekend?
        I’ve been in contact with high times and I have an opportunity to write an article for them. So I’m in the planning stage to build the skeleton of it, then work up from there!

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      2. That’s freakin’ awesome! Do you get to choose the subject? Do you get paid? Congrats, this is big! How many words? Yay!!

        My weekend was good. On Saturday we went to see Beauty and the Beast. I don’t like romance but it was nice eye candy.

        Sunday Peter’s Chinese friend came over and made real Chinese food! nomnomnomnom

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      3. Real Chinese food! I haven’t had that in years. I typically get the over saturated soy sauce rice, with extremely crunchy bad meat, and I’m not even sure what the meat is, except that I ordered a particular type, but never 100% what it is.
        There are guidelines that they have fit articles, but I haven’t taken a look at the guidelines. I’m working on what I want to write and how I’d like to present it.


      4. Srsly. I’m like, come over ANY time! lol I’m always wondering if what that meat is! I wrote a post free style lol a rambled some strong opinions about religion and today I talked about being hooked on meth a long time ago. I didn’t realize that I was being very careful about what I said and so I let loose a little. 😎

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      5. Yeah! I’m totally not afraid of talk about my former drug addiction, my mental illness, my physical illess, and some of my controversial idea. I bet my blog would be more interesting. This next one, I’m going to talk about my tattoos and show some of them!

        How are you?


      6. I have barely looked at what I’ve been wanting to write. I feel uncompelled, unmotivated and I’m needing a recharge for my life. I have the burning passion for what I want to write, but almost things hang on the sidelines when I feel this way. I need to look about some personal time.

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      7. I’m right there with you! I can’t make anything. I look at my art stuff and feel sad. I’m sorry you’re feeling so crummy.

        I wondered what happened to you. Sorry to hear that this is why you weren’t around. Such a bummer…You get a good writing opportunity and your inspiration dries up.

        Sounds like you’re a busy guy with a lot going on. Maybe time to turn inward, stay at home awhile. Hugs!

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      8. Thank you! You provided the best suggestion, and I’m taking you up on it. I’ve worked out this weekend, saw my father for Easter, and today I’m continuing research for my article. I’m looking to have the breakdown and topics of what I’ll be writing about.


      9. Yay! Glad I could help! Once you do you research and organize everything it will be much easier to write. I highly recommend making an outline. Then you know a general idea of what you’re going to discuss and what order to write things.

        Does​ your father live close to you?

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      10. He lives about 1.5hrs away.
        I’ve started the outline, but shifted gears to streamline my marijuana rating board for my buddy’s dispensary. I’m setting it up to be more like a library.
        Use drop down bars and the info will show up!

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      11. Does having started on the article? Ooooo! Drop down menus are fab! They helps people only use a lot less clicks. Of course I want see the article in print, but I suspect it will take a long time. I’d love to see some of the ratings. I just bought an oz of cookies, any thoughts about that strain?

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      12. Happy Easter to you too! Are you and your father doing anything to celebrate? Sometimes we cook a big dinner, but there’s only the two of us. Peter made a wonderful homade pasta dinner for my birthday on Wednesday. He’s making a pumpkin pie; it’s my favorite dessert! πŸ˜„

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