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teeth and eyes

good morning! it’s still my morning here in Pacific time.

i get to go to the dentist, woo woo, this afternoon! this is my fifth visit for dental work this year! that doesn’t even include the cleaning. i let my teeth get into a terrible state. i decided it was time to fix everything. after this appointment and one after that i will have exhausted the  insurance for the year.  i have more work to be done, like i want my front teeth capped, i broke a couple bits out of my front teeth that have fillings in them that are not a very nice color since they’re so old. i just want them both fixed. i also have a tooth missing because i had to have it pulled a couple of years ago.i want a healthy mouth with a pretty  smile. i’ve been smiling with my mouth shut for years.  Dr. Mark is a really nice dentist and we crack each other up. he’s soooooo much better than my old dentist.

i’m getting new glasses with a new prescription. my glasses are so far off from what i need i’ve been thinking that i’m going blind or getting glaucoma or something.  i was scared and so i didn’t go to the eye doctor for ages. i went over the weekend and the only thing that was wrong was that my prescription was dramatically different! yay! i’m not crazy (well, i am, and i don’t mind being called that, but in this case i mean, i wasn’t wrong about needing a new prescription) and  soon it will be fixed! i’ve completely given up driving at night. after about 5:30 i have to be sure not to drive. what a royal pain in the ass!

i’m getting my glasses from WarbyParker, and online glasses store. they let you pick five frames you like, send them to you to try on. you pick one, if you like any of them and order it. you need to get a prescription from an eye exam. you just take a picture of the prescription and they make your glasses. they’re so cheap that i’m going to get sunglasses too. i lost mine and they had that ancient horrible prescription anyway. all that mailing back and forth is free. it was  $95 for frames and lenses! for goodness sake, don’t buy your glasses at the glasses store. i used to have to pay $300 on top of what the insurance paid! buy your glasses online! these are the ones i chose…

New glasses demo's

what do you think?

have yourself a jolly good monday! 🙂










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