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spinal stenosis, why haven’t i written about this before?

i’ve written about fibromyalgia and diabetes and psoriasis but i’ve never written about spinal stenosis. i’ve never really talked about it to anyone before. it’s a bit hard to explain, or at least it takes a little while and not nearly as many people have heard of it.

spinal stenosis causes me more pain than any of my other ailments. it’s a narrowing of the spinal column, caused by a few different things, it’s arthritis in my case. the problems occur at  L4 and L5. the column narrows enough to cause the discs to bulge and pinch nerves. i also have the same problem at the sacroiliac joints.

i have a very hard time walking, i’ve talked about that a lot. people don’t believe it when i tell them about how long i can stand up and how far i can walk. more about walking in another post. i walk with a cane most of the time. sometimes i wish for a walker or that i could collapse  into a wheel chair. like fibromyalgia, the spinal stenosis has flares.

when it’s bad i have to drag myself around with my cane. trying to go upstairs makes me cry. laying in bed is better than standing or walking, but it’s far from comfortable. there is intense pain in my low back. pain in my hips and butt, weird inside pain in my pelvis. that pelvic pain makes me nauseated. i felt pain like that from endometriosis, too. i should talk about that, too (endometriosis, that is). pain from internal organs is different than any other. awful. nerve pain is also different than any other. then there’s injury pain, like broken bones, and the pain from pain in muscles and ligaments is all it’s own too. ahhh and arthritis pain. argh! and stomach pain. lol, i have it all!

my legs are very weak. i trip and fall too often. it bothers me. i see stairs and i imagine falling down them  and just feel terrified. every once in awhile i wipe out at home and end up on the floor. it’s no fun! standing is very difficult. if i am in the kitchen and i want to use my phone to control my stereo, instead of being able to just stand there and do it, i have to sit down just to do that. i don’t go to stores very often because i can’t trust my legs to survive it without buckling, or getting a stab of pain down my leg or in my back and making a grunty ouch noise, lol, cause sometimes i just can’t help  it! leaning on things like shopping carts helps a little but not nearly enough.

the stenosis is bad enough that my huz has to do 99% of what needs doing to keep things going well in our lives and home and meals and shopping, laundry, etc. my  jobs are to make his lunch before he goes to work and taking the dog out to pee (he takes doggy out to poop 2x a day) 6 or 7 times a day. he’s getting older and i want to make sure he’s comfortable. i have to make sure i take all my meds and my injection and blood sugar, take care of myself (it can be a challenge because of the fibro fatigue.. we hire people to clean.

it didn’t take too terribly long to diagnose this. an MRI shows everything they need to see. it’s cool to be able to look at the MRI pictures with the doctor and have him show me exactly where the problem is and what’s going on.

there are drugs to take to make it easier. in general you don’t take narcotic pain relievers for it because it’s chronic. i take a prescription NSAID, use hot and cold packs, do stretching (i could be a lot better about doing that on a regular basis!) and unfortunately, bed rest.

i have degenerative disc disease, which means things will just get worse.

one day at a time!


















6 thoughts on “spinal stenosis, why haven’t i written about this before?”

  1. I can totally relate. Fibromyalgia. Suffered from endometriosis for years until I finally had a hysterectomy. And spinal stenosis and herniated disc (L5-S1), plus in my neck, although my lower back pain isn’t quite as severe as yours it seems. I have had bouts of just falling down, usually preceded by some dizziness. But I am able to walk, hike, and exercise mostly yoga/pilates/walking (I gave up running years ago). Here’s wishing you a pain-free Sunday!

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    1. thank you so much! i wish the same to you!

      i’m typing with two fingers because i have my left hand wrapped up in a compression bandage. that’s because i had 4 surgeries on my hands and they will swell and hurt from time to time. it will be like that forever. the surgeries were between 5 and 7 years ago.

      oh wow, me too, i had endo most of my life until i has a hysterectomy! it took me a year to recover.

      i’m impressed., that’s a lot of exercising you can do. good for you! i’m trying to start doing some walking, but it’s hard when you have trouble walking in the first place!!

      we have so much in common. i’m glad we connected!


  2. Honey we have twin back pain 😊 my lumbar spine is knackered, I can’t walk without crutches because of the pain and then only very short distances! Standing hurts, sitting hurts. The only way I get relief is by laying down, so that’s what I do, a lot.
    Have just been told this week that as both facet joint and Caudal Epidural haven’t helped with the pain there’s nothing more they can do. I’ll have to ‘manage’ the pain. Am seeing GP about new scan & 2nd opinion!
    Gentle hugs & love, 💙

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    1. wow, we do have very similar spines! did you have an injury? mine just sort of happened.they told me the same thing. i had a bunch of epidural injections and an ablation. i think the ablation helped, it took 3 months for anything to happen but i’ve been able to do things like go to the movies without my cane! the epidurals are useless. i’ve tried everything. only the ablation helped. have you discussed that with your dr ?

      before the ablation i felt exactly like you do. so much pain, it’s all you can think about.

      good thing you’re seeing a second opinion.

      i’m sorry sweetie! i really you find some kind of relief. the ablation lasts for a 9 months ish and then they do it (they are frying the nerves that are a problem, with electricity. it’s conscious sedation like the epidural) again.
      i know the pain, probably the same pain in t he same places.i thought i was going to go mad. i was confined to the house and was laying i n bed or on the couch. meh. talk to your 2nd opinion about an ablation!

      love you , dear. kiss on the cheek! gentle hugs! ❤

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      1. I think ablation is the obvious next step, I’ll let you know what doc says on Friday. Thanks for the advice, it’s always so useful to speak to someone who has experience with the same issue! Love & hugs 😘😘😘

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      2. do your hips hurt inside? like your pelvis is aching. i think that’s probably my screwed up spine in the sacroiliac joints. do you get a lot of pain in your legs? i’m sure you do. is it shooting nerve pain or, well, actually, i wanted to ask you what your pain is like. i think everyone’s pain is a bit different from another’s. where does it hurt the most, prolly your back. like you, i feel it’s really cool to meet someone with the same symptoms.. mwah! 🙂


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