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playing with my dog, fibromyalgia style

one of the things that really broke my heart when i started  getting sicker and sicker over the last three years was not being able to play wild and crazy with my dog, mackie, half corgi and half dachshund, weighing in at 20lbs. he’s sturdy and strong, and annoyingly persistent!


i always like the fact that he had that wide stance and nice strong legs, especially for a small dog. i didn’t want a small dog for a long time because i didn’t want an animal that was delicate and babyish.

mackie is spirited and hyper. he runs and jumps and sometimes barks too much, but he has a very particular happy bark and i don’t shush him when he barks like that. otherwise most barking is off-limits. he’s not afraid of anything except big rubber balls (?). we used to wrestle on the bed. it was great! he likes lots of physical contact and is game for a fight. i have nice memories of that.

i used to walk him, not super far,because i’ve had osteoarthritis in both knees for half my life, at least. but i took him out and walked him around or threw the ball for him. sometimes i let him off leash and let him wander. sniffing is his favorite thing now that he’s a bit older (12).  since he knows i can’t chase him, the naughty little dog has figured out that if he runs off out of my sight, he can wander a lot further than i want him to. i have to rush around with my cane pushing me along, try to catch up with him. that only happened a couple times before he lost off leash privileges.

that was the first thing to go…off leash fun. it’s really interesting to notice that within a very short time, as my ability to walk very much declined, he picked up on it and took advantage of it. kind of depressing. my best friend was exploiting my illness! lol he’s just a dog and was just testing his limits and found he didn’t really have any outdoor limits, without being tied to me!

i felt bad for him. i wanted to let him wander and sniff for ages. i couldn’t walk him around enough for him to sniff much, so the best thing to do was to just let him sniff and i watched, sitting on my porch. i did that a long time because of my knees, but even then i didn’t need a cane and i was much more mobile so it worked better! he knew i could come get him pretty quickly.once he learned that he could get away with things he couldn’t before, i  had to stop it.

my ability to throw the ball for him  has declined a lot, too. i was never very good at it in the first place, but now i totally suck, so much so that i can’t do it for him anymore. it’s sad, he brings it to my feet and i can lob it about 2 feet. no more of that.

can i still play with my dog even though i have fibromyalgia? yes! (btw, why doesn’t spell check recognize “fibromyalgia?”)

i play with  him indoors. Chuck It brand dog toys and treats, etc. makes indoor toys, for throwing indoors! i have a ring, the third one he’s been through, that has a soft felt core and a sort of terry cloth cover. it’s very lightweight and throws well. it might bump over something light if it hit it, but for the most part it’s harmless…especially because it doesn’t make marks on the walls. check it out

Chuck It also makes a handle with a ball shaped scoop at the end that you throw balls with that would make it easier to play longer distance, but even that’s too much for me. so, i sit on the couch and throw that ring forever,endlessly, eternally until it’s too spitty to be tolerated!

he runs and plays. it’s not hard for me to throw it, it’s so light, and the living room isn’t huge, so it works out well unless it goes under something he can’t reach. that requires getting out the cane to push things out from under chairs and tables.

we have a lot of fun that way! i can actually tire him out (that’s quite a feat!) by throwing the Chuck It  ball around the living room (he’s really good at snatching it right out of the air!). it makes life more interesting for both of us and he gets to run and play and get the exercise a active dog like him needs.

moral of the story, usually if you try, you can find a different way to do things you used to do before you were sick, but seem like you can’t do now. this was my solution . it works for me. other people will probably have lots of other solutions!












12 thoughts on “playing with my dog, fibromyalgia style”

  1. I can relate to this. When we got Alba our dog I was able to take her walks but now it’s a once in a while activity I can just about do. I do still play with her in the house even though I probably shouldn’t lol. Ps your dog is so cute 😀🐶


      1. spare dog! poor fellow. hee hee. you say one was supposed to be your service dog, but it sounds like he’s not. what happened? i would love a service dog, but i don’t think i’d qualify for one. was it really helpful to have one? with my anxiety, it would make me feel so much better.

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      2. All of my Service Dogs have been owner trained. I used to be a dog trainer in my younger days. In order to have a psychiatric service dog it would have to do a few things, like remind you to take medications. I’ll find the link so you can read about them.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. thanks! i admire you being a dog trainer, good training tends to make a good dog! my little guy is awful. we went to a little obedience class the shelter we got him from held, but all the dogs were so naughty it was hopeless and i guess the instructor was a loser! lol he listens to my husband, he’s very alpha dog. lol he teases me that i’m the gamma dog cause i let mackie walk all over me. sigh!

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      4. That’s a common issue. My dogs listen to me instantly but they walk all over my husband. My husband won’t listen to me about how to get the dogs to obey but offers my services to his friends to train their dogs! lol

        Liked by 1 person

      5. haha! i’m just like that with my husbands skillz. everybody wants advice about stereos or computers and i say, oh, my huz can tell you! lol maybe i should shut up in that situation! i bet it drives you nuts. 🙂

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