post card pals!

to my dearest H,

did you notice how i free associated so badly that i got confused which card i was talking about?

ok, including everyone.

my friend @fromsomewherewithlovex and i are postcard pals. we send each other cards randomly, no time no occasion, no rules. i love it. i can be in a funk and not send a card even though she’s sent me 2 and she’ll send me a third one!

every time i come up with a new technique or buy a new medium, switch up my style, feel like drawing, whatever! i make a card for my friend and stick it in the mail!

my dad lives in Brighton, jus’ sayin’ i don’t think my she knew that! 🙂

so, i’m gonna get real medicated and make a card for H that i will send to her in reply to this!  (apologies, i *think* this is the latest.)


joints over brighton

there will be more posts expanding upon the postcard activity!


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