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“Curly” a watercolor painting

“Curly” is a watercolor painting on Yupo. if you don’t know what Yupo is, it’s a synthetic paper that is not porous at all. i use it with things like acrylic ink, high flow acrylics, watercolors, and alcohol ink.

i tend to use a lot of water when  i use this kind of watercolor. they’re Japanese watercolors, in pans in a box. you can see them in this picture of my workspace from 2016.


i made this using small paint brushes that’s partly because the paper is so small the paper is small, about 8.5″x 5.5″ i  used an outliner brush to make all the the little delicate curls with it. dickblick.com describes it as:

“Also known as an outliner. Round ferrule, square-ended brush, with extra-long hairs and a short handle. Large color carrying capacity. Useful for delicate lettering, outlining, and long continuous strokes.”


the color scheme is probably my favorite. enjoy!



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