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evening music, a dog, and art.

you choose music for coming home and pull the drapes shut so you’re alone. you put on the Girl from Ipeanema by stan getz  and joao gilberto  with gilberto’s wife astrid singing. it’s a jazz and bossa nova mixed for mellow, groovy, sophisticated evening music.

before you collapse on the soft leather sofa you fill a tall glass with soda water and lots of ice. when ease onto the sofa, you see the dog is there, of course. after greeting him enthusiastically, you  picked him up and scoot him over so you can fit between the pillows and the dog. he crawls into your lap. you keep your fur baby so close and cuddly. his fur is so soft, but the best part is kissing his sleek shiny  head. he smells like clean warm dog. so nice.

you  stretch out and finally start to relax.

the last thing  you see before you start snoozing on your couch with your dog is this painting.




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