abstract, artist, drawing, psychedelic

nifty psychedelic drawings

rayspaisley-timeimg_20161112_042904.jpgimg_20160925_113719.jpgwp-1466716999143.jpgwp-1463702335292.jpgwp-1462892250511.jpgwp-1455631353633.jpgwp-1454827607024.jpgzippity-do-da.jpg.jpegwp-1453212432508.jpgIMG_20151203_155824wavy_lines_and_bright_colors_by_crazyruthie-d9mudvcdiddily doodle


5 thoughts on “nifty psychedelic drawings”

    1. Yes, all the art on my blog is mine. …I am an artiste! This is my fun stuff; the paintings are more serious. A lot of people have told me about my drawings looking like Grateful Dead etc posters. I know a pizza place that is entirely decorated with those original posters. I love those, so thanks a lot! ✌😎


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