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art history of me!

i think think i should write more in this blog. i know seeing pictures of my art is nice, but it’s kind of impersonal if i just post the pictures without any descriptions or explaining my technique, etc.

let’s start out with a little bit about my “art history.”

when i was 11 i found out that i was bipolar I, OCD, anxiety and panic disorder, i have eating disorder symptoms. PTSD was always there in there underneath. my mother was abusive, had almost all the symptoms. can you imagine two people (my dad left) like that, and filled with rage trying to cope.

everybody in my maternal extended family was an artist, professional or as a  hobby. my mother taught me a lot about art. art’s in my blood. so is mental illness. all those artistic people in the family are mentally ill. most of them are in treatment.

my tough childhood, and my physical illnesses caused me to move out of the city i grew up in (st. louis–horrible place.) and move to the  Bay Area to go to university–Santa Clara University. i started taking art classes, for fun, most of what i did was photography. i loved it. i started learning about composition, something i think i do well. i started to doodle.

i graduated from university at 23 and got married immediately. i was very depressed at the time. my dad knew that i was stagnating and falling deeper into my misery. he gave me money to buy painting supplies. i started out with oils, got brushes and canvases, linseed oil. the canvases i bought were huge. i had one that was $100. i knew  nothing about painting so i was just going along with my instincts.i knew immediately that i wanted to  paint abstract works. my paintings were decent, looking back.

i floated away from painting and didn’t make any art for a while.  i started to make jewelry  that i sold on etsy. i made weird jewelry, very mixed media. i even had custom beads made for me by etsy artists i made friends with. they taught me a lot, especially about photographing  jewery. all my creative energy went into making jewelry. i figured a lot out on my own. at this point i realized that it was therapy, art therapy.  i spent more money on the materials my jewelry to expensive for people  to buy and if i priced them lower i’d be losing money big time. i quit, sadly.

shortly after that my husband suggested i join deviantArt. it was so exciting! so much to see, so many people that were friendly and eager to teach out and help others. i had two accounts and disappeared for long periods of time. over the six  years learning to draw and paint. i still can’t draw very well. i can make trippy drawings with sharpies, thought. i think a lot of my paintings are pretty good. i’m always trying new things. it’s exciting every time i sit down to make a piece of artwork.

i don’t sell my art. i trade it and give it away.

now art is a huge part of my life.it is wonderful therapy.  it’s accumulating all over my house! i post it on various social media sites. not fb though. i get bad vibes from that site.


anyway, hope this was interesting, and i’ll  try to write if  anybody is interested. maybe i’ll do it simply for the sake of it.




10 thoughts on “art history of me!”

  1. Interesting to finally learn about your history. A pity you don’t sell your art since I’d love to own one of your pieces, but I can respect your wishes.

    Yer also very wise regarding your feelings about Facebook! I could write a book on how I feel that is having a detrimental effect upon humanity… one of the three best things I ever did in the last few years was walk away from there!

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    1. Eh, what the hell, yo can buy something! Was there anything you want in particular? What medium are interested in? Just so you know, they’re mostly quiet small.ths acrylic ones tend to be larger. It’s great that you like them so much! Thanks!

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    2. I want see your blog, but when I tapped on the URL that follows immediately behind your name when I was attempting to reply it sent me to a page that says you account has been deleted. I’ve seen this on anyone with the URL after their name. I plead fibromyalgia. It causes loss of cognitive skills, short term memory problems and confusion. They call it “fibro fog.” It just seems like we’ve discussed this before. Pardon any typos and horrible run-on sentences!


      1. Sorry about that. Had a blog here a long time ago then deleted it, yet still, log in with my account name. Don’t ask… one of them wordpress eccentricities I guess! Have a new blog in the sidelines (now activated) which I’d forgotten about actually so should now see something behind my name!

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      2. The new blog is about music – you should be able to see it now. Depression wise, I’m all written out as I’ve been feeling fine for quite some time… still have my odd bad days but can now cope with them. I live in the UK.

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      3. oh, what sorts of music? that’s a great thing to write about!the arts have endless possibilities of things to explore. i’ll go look!
        i’m glad you’re doing better with depression. it’s nice to have a break.

        i’m rarely not depressed. there are brief times, a few hours or a few days, that i’m manic.
        my dad lives in the uk. i think i would rather live there than here! especially now!!!!!

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      4. I used to be a singer/songwriter and was in some bands and in my time, a well respected, loved and feared performer! I still indulge every once in a while but focus more on writing. Living in the UK isn’t much fun either as we’re also trapped with a maniac right wing government who have zero respect or regard for anyone with less than a few million in their bank account and we’re aghast and mortified by what’s happening across the Atlantic. The world feels like a dark place now hence why I’m trying to throw myself into creativity and help encourage and nourish others to be creative. Without creativity, I’d be nothing!


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