anxious and frightened

one of my husband’s friends, that i’ve only heard about, is coming over for dinner in about 2 hours. she’s a gamer friend that lives reasonably close. he’s met her before, so it’s not like she’s going to be scary. they’re both introverts and in situations like this i’m very much the extrovert. oh boy, i hope that i don’t talk too loud or tell anyone what to do or interrupt them or start stuttering and have to leave the room. so many things to be anxious about.

i wish my illnesses allowed me to  go out and do stuff so i’m not here, but that would be very rude. and i can’t anyway. i’m bitter, i feel mean, i don’t need a real life social life!


4 thoughts on “anxious and frightened”

    1. Hello H! I have been been very lax about communication. I like writing about little daily things, I think that you had a good idea. I only started posting stuff again recently. hopefully I’ll get involved here, like before. It seems that I can only focus on one at. I think i’ll be here now, a lot. It’s hard because n only a few people read it. That cliche, yout you get, what you give applies to this situation! I’ll have to start giving!

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