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trials and tribulations

i wish i was more active on here. i rarely use my pc and i think wordpress has given up on their mobile app. so, i can’t do much on here. at the moment i feel shitty but i have time to kill, like time i really need to kill and i got a notification that my site was having a lot of activity. whatever! so, those two things led me upstairs to the PC.

i now have Achilles’s tendonitis and i have to wear the dreaded boot…


as you can see there are two patches with the Punisher (a comic book character) patches. he’s one of my favorites. it’s the strangest, i mean strange, thing ever! my husband shops for little electronic components on AliExpress (chinese version of amazon, super cheap and super unreliable.). we get little tiny packages from china all the time. we got one, right after i got the boot, and these patches arrived in one of those packages. it’s one of my favorite characters and i just so happened to have something to put two velcro patches on. we just keep saying, but but what? how? wtf???? so i call it the punisher boot. i have two punisher t-shirts, so i’m super stylin’ now.

the ankle was sore for six months and i thought it was just pain from my fibromyalgia so i didn’t go to the doctor until walking was almost too much, even with my cane. the podiatrist said there was a big lump on the tendon and my ankle was very swollen. i have to wear the boot “indefinitely.”i have to go t0 12 sessions of physical therapy.

i also have a sinus infection! i had two of the most epically  bad nights last week. i felt like i was having extreme cold and hot flashes. i was panicking because it was so painful when cold(that’s because of the fibromyalgia) and then i was intensely uncomfortable when i was too hot. it was worse than nights with stomach flu or coughing all night.

i had a hysterectomy years ago and have been on hormone replacement therapy, so usually hot flashes aren’t too bad and i’ve never had cold flashes except when i get very low blood sugar (i’m diabetic), but i kept checking my sugars and they were fine. i was convinced it was crazy hormones.

finally i went to urgent care and after a two hour wait i saw a doctor who said that it was a sign that i was getting a bad infection. since my nose and eyes were runny and i’d had a couple of bad headaches she said it was a sinus infection. she gave me antibiotics which worked wonders! no more hellish nights and they caught the infection  almost immediately. i had a stuffy nose and sore lungs for two days and now i’m fine! i’ve got a lot more antibiotics and you can bet i’m going to finish them.

this isn’t what i expected to write, but i guess i didn’t know what i was going to write! it works best for me to just jump in.


9 thoughts on “trials and tribulations”

      1. Oh no, that sounds serious! Being in the hospital is a bitch. All you can think is, when can I get out of here!!!! It might be impolite, but do you mind me asking what is wrong? I really hope things improve for you. Hugs!

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  1. Hello, wanted to stop by and say thank you for checking out my blog and thank you for the follow!
    I think your art is great! Hope you get a break healthwise here!



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