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“are you lookin’ at me?”


hi again! WP told me that i haven’t posted anything in a month. eep! in an effort to make my entries more interesting and more substantive, i’m going to try write things about each (hopefully) painting. .

so! this painting is on a 24″x24″ gallery wrapped cotton canvas. for those of you who are not familiar with painting and the different kinds of canvases that are available.

canvas-gallery-wrap in this picture you can see the way the canvas wraps around the side to the back. they’re much more professional looking and more attractive. in general, people don’t frame canvases, although you can. the artist paints the sides, tops, and bottoms a color that fits in with the paintings so they can be hung without frames and still look great. the gallery wrapped canvases look better against the wall when you hang them. they’re a lot more expensive than most canvases.

there is a big difference between the sizes of canvases i work with and those of truly serious artists, or at least ones with a lot more room than i do. i have painted on large format canvases, but only a few times. the canvases are extremely expensive and they will just be getting in the way in the garage. i’d LOVE to have my own studio so i could paint that big (i have one that’s 6’x4′ and another similarly sized. i didn’t have so much trouble with mobility when i painted those, so i had to lay  them on the driveway. i did a lot of kneeling and bending and standing, sitting on the ground, all things i can’t do anymore. a really big easel would help, but again, no room to store it and no where to work on it more comfortably.

Image result for easeli use a much smaller table top easel like this…


Image result for easel

good paint brushes are important for clean lines and details and if you’re careful, you can paint with no brush strokes showing. they require careful cleaning with warm and soapy water. there are brush cleaning products that you can soak the brushes in, to deep clean them.

Image result for good quality paint brushes

i, on the other hand, treat my brushes like crap. so, i have a lot of really ravaged paint brushes with a couple that i’ve managed to keep nice. lol!

i hope you enjoyed this. these things are pretty basic. there will be more exciting explanations and illustrations.

have a delightful weekend!







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